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Digital Money For All

Posted by Harry Wright on May 28, 2017
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“We have digital radio, digital television, digital control of car manufacture and household appliances (robots), digital clocks for time-keeping and now we have Digital Money For All.”


So, what is digital money and what does it look like?

Unlike PayPal, Mastercard, Visa credit and debit plastic cards that merely represent our Dollars, Euros, Pounds and Yen, Digital Money is a different type of currency that we are about to embrace into our everyday lives; it is in the form of digital bits, like ‘1’s and ‘0’s in a sophisticated computer program and the code represents ‘value’ rather than pure information, stored in our wallet or personal bank account. This Bank account will be on our mobile phone or personal computer, not in the high street branch of a major bank!

A heavily encrypted code represents how much money we have in our account and it will be better than the existing currencies because it will be stable from devaluation or inflation. The deep layers of encryption prevent anyone else (including the authorities) trying to steal or interfere with our money – a much better arrangement compared with the currencies and banks we have at the moment.

We will be able to send or transmit any value of our new money from our own personal wallet to anyone else who has a digital wallet, anywhere in the world, for a few cents or pence! Yes, the trillions of transactions per day, all over the world of business and private finance, will be very cheap to operate… that’s one very good reason why we are going to adopt this digital currency within the next two-to five years.

There will be nothing to stop the existing two Billion bank-less people taking up digital money from now onward, they will not have to pay the crippling 7-29% service charges currently levied by banks and agencies  for sending money home to relatives in a different country.

Digital money will be very cost effective for everyone with a mobile phone… and that’s a lot of people! The more people who use it, the cheaper the transactions will be and the more value the currency will take on.

Bitcoin was the first crypto money-asset in 2009 and it is becoming more popular as we go to press. Many people are already investing heavily in Bitcoin and other ‘coins’ created in similar form or style. There are literally hundreds of different Digital ‘coins’ springing up, all hoping to get a share of the enormous market for a new, preferred global currency.

Banks and governments are gearing up to accommodate the market demands, trying to become a leader in the field of crypto-currency, hoping to become the standard for everyone else to follow.

‘Digital Money For All’ means that we will shed the currency we are using and change over to use ‘Block-chain’ technology instead. Block-chain is the software infrastructure, rather like the Internet of linked computers around the globe, but communicating the actual value transaction bits instead of information bits that we already know about.

With the new Blockchain, modern technology has come of age. We are all able to benefit substantially from using a digital currency, without extra cost, without additional complexity at the customer level. In fact, costs are considerably reduced and once you use a mobile phone to pay for your first transaction, you will never look back to the far more complex arrangement of exchanging currencies we use at the moment, making daily adjustments to buy and sell our goods… so, look out for Blockchain, it will have an impact on cross-border business activities during the closing stages of Brexit!

I am an investor in a fairly new crypto-currency called ‘One-coin’ I anticipate making a lot of money when the company goes public in the Spring of 2018. It will surely overtake Bitcoin because it has three million members already, has a vastly improved Blockchain and has a brilliant founder and CEO called Dr. Ruja Ignatova

>>> Better than Bitcoin in many ways, Learn more about ‘One-coin’ <<<

Bitcoin is a Roaring Success

Posted by Harry Wright on April 24, 2017
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“Original and Innovative, Bitcoin took the lead while others were worrying about the weather!”


Now, only eight years later, it’s raining Bitcoins every day! This pioneer has received recognition as the most prominent crypto-currency around the world… Bitcoin is a Roaring Success!  Everybody wants to own Bitcoin and watch it grow in value while using it to buy everyday goods from a swelling army of traders.

Have you noticed the number of online platforms that have sprung up to harness the power of this monster? We are all trying to choose the right partners to join forces with and live ‘The Lifestyle’.

Top of the tree for me is…

BetRobot, 6% daily, making 180% for the month… PLUS you can re-invest daily to make sure you compound your earnings!

So, if you want to save for your wedding, your holidays, a new car… and are prepared to throw in say, $100 to kick-start your Daily Bit-coin Club, BetRobot will boost your earnings by 6% every day for 30 days. This can then be withdrawn into your Bit-coin wallet and from there you are free to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!

You can pick up your profit and start all over again with the next 30 days and repeat your earnings every month for as long as you can tolerate spending all that MONEY!!


Most people would LOVE to save money for a new LIFESTYLE.

So, if that includes you…

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Lottery Winners Share Their Secrets

Posted by Harry Wright on April 17, 2017
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Clever Lottery Winners Share Their Secrets!


Make a Business of Winning The Lottery!

That’s what many people are doing right now. They have studied the form of

those people who have won, multiple times, and they have worked together

on a new and innovative business plan to repeat the success, time and time

again.In fact it has been finely

tuned to achieve multiple wins


This is a great business opportunity…

Now you know how the rich get richer.

The Bottom Line is all about showing the proof of earnings,

this video should be enough to encourage you to at least

‘have a go’… it’s FREE providing you can talk to three other

people who might be similarly interested enough to join.  

Also, You are Guaranteed to Win!

“Although I have other irons in the fire, this is no challenge to

my time or my brain! That’s why I am prepared to give it a

‘spin’ and, hopefully, win tax-free cash for all those plans

that are currently on hold”!





A Special Easter Gift

Posted by Harry Wright on March 28, 2017
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Time for A Special Easter Gift

Click image below to find the golden egg … your gift!

It is a special day you when you receive a gift that enables you to change your life

for the better, learn new skills and be able to help others do the same!

Developing Multiple Income Streams Online

Smart Phone for the Deaf

Posted by Harry Wright on March 24, 2017
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This is a review by Hearing Direct of

Amplicomms M9000 –

Probably the best Smart Phone for the Deaf:

German made, it is truly a powerful and impressive machine, designed to blast ‘rings’
and messages to all those users with considerable hearing loss while competing with
other top brands for functionality and display innovation.

I have an elderly brother who is profoundly deaf and owns this attractive product.
Unfortunately, after a Spring clean, he mislaid the power charger for it!
He was very disappointed by this – a true indicator of how much he values his M9000.

Trying hard to find something to criticise, I set off on the trail of the lost power unit

but soon found out that I could get huge amounts of customer service by ringing

the company freephone number or sending an email to their support desk.

My only gripe being the higher than expected price of the power supply, overall it

makes for a thoroughly positive review.

 If you want to earn money to buy the M9000

(or anything else)  Join our Money Club by simply entering your email here…

Help Yourself To Another Income

Posted by Harry Wright on March 12, 2017
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Nowadays, there’s no need to work or be skilled if you just want to… Help Yourself To Another Income!!




This is how it is done… click on the banner above!


Read the FAQ guidelines and follow them – it’s EASY. Please note the attention to detail and customer service by the management.


Then decide how much money you would like to earn during the next 30 days.(e.g. $300)


Use the easy built-in calculator to work out the investment needed to achieve this (e.g. $600) for your income ($300)


When you have made your decision, Place your investment (e.g. $600) and click ENTER!



View your account to check the figures have arrived and that they make sense on your dashboard.


Re-invest your daily 5.2% over the 30 days to earn a compounded total… then withdraw earnings and REPEAT!


Note: Your total earnings could be much more than the anticipated 156% profit because your earnings of 5.2% EACH DAY can be added to the running total, giving you a compounded effect!































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Help A Stranger

Posted by Harry Wright on February 14, 2017
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Help A Stranger get through the month in 30 days, while you earn 5.2% daily!





The more generous you are, the more you earn… Give and get rich!

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be like Bill Gates and all those famous and generous people who make more money from giving away their wealth?

It’s a fact of life that the more you give, the more you get back. But ordinary folk don’t learn how that works, they never get the chance to see it working… until NOW!

‘Passive Loan’ is a brilliant WORKING EXAMPLE of how you can give a short-term loan and earn a massive 5.2% on your money, every day for 30 days.

Just work it out… that’s 156% for the month. And you can walk away with all that earned income to repeat the cumulative process!

Definition of a no-brainer…>>> The Passive Loan system <<<

Student of Frank Calabro

Posted by Harry Wright on January 13, 2017
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To Become A Student of Frank Calabro is to become successful in life!

I love real characters and Frank Calabro is one of the very best.

Frank Pointing He has a style of his own that is rooted in his military service as a US Marine for 12 years.

Frank makes things happen because he does what he believes in and believes in what he does.

That belief of his, goes deeper than the effort or the reward in monetary terms, he believes in God without gushing his principles all over you. Frank just follows his heart and his head to a place where he just can’t lose.

Now, why am I telling you this? Simply because he has suffered as you and I have suffered, he has struggled to learn things like you and I have struggled to learn. He has fought against failure with all his enormous strength until he finally won through to financial victory.

When you become a Student of Frank Calabro, you follow his ethics, his behaviour and his success, purely because there is no sensible alternative… nothing else makes sense after listening to him and watching our Frankie jr.

>>> A Student of Frank Calabro Jr. in ACTION! <<<

Enter your name and email in the box and click ‘join’



2017 Success

Posted by Harry Wright on December 30, 2016
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FOLLOW VIC STRIZHEUS – a genuine guru.

Making money online – How to create a 2017 Success with your laptop.


VIDEO Number 1


VIDEO Number 2


VIDEO Number 3


VIDEO Number 4



What’s in a Suit?

Posted by Harry Wright on December 15, 2016
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observation-surveyIs the person who wears a suit to be trusted? Do we really know who they are? Anyway, folks, What’s in a Suit?


When did you last wear a suit and how did it make you feel?

Those of us who used to wear a suit every day will remember that we felt smart when our suit was freshly laundered and pressed, when our tie was straight and tidy and when the shirt was clean and colourful. We recall the feeeling of being able to button the suit when it was new and well fitting; I particularly remember looking at my reflection in a store window and pulling in my tummy to look slim!


That gives you a clue as to what happened as time went by and asinformal my suits started to wear; They became rather stretched and sagging at the button holes, at the jacket elbows and the trouser knees. Every six months I had to replace my suit with a similar style and colour if I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.


It was a uniform, with or without my tie, and a disguise that I accepted before going into battle as a consultant, often in workshops with 20 plus attendees. Gradually, I remember being pleased that I didn’t ever worry about what I looked like, only about how I felt and the room climate at the time.


But how did the workshop and meeting attendees view me as a person, did they see through the ‘fancy dress’; did they ever think about the actual person, or did they simply take authority from the disguise itself?


passionateWhat’s the difference today, seven years on, after working on-line and dressed, as often as not, in pyjamas? Do people think of me in a different light; do they notice me as a person, with passion for my subject, and judge me for what I say and do, more than previously when I wore that suit and tie?

When someone delivers a video presentation, sitting at a home desk, not dressed in a suit, occasionally sipping a glass of water, viewers can either concentrate on the video subject or be distracted by the presenter’s appearance… what do YOU think and feel when you look at a video like this? At least you know why we sometimes dress up! Maybe that answers the burning question, “What’s in a suit?”

Alejandro Jodorowsky presenting his film La Danza de la Realidad. Montreal, 2013 from ketty mora on Vimeo.


Posted by Harry Wright on December 6, 2016
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Every so often, a new thing pops up and grabs your attention. This time it’s a Global MoneyLine!

No matter what else is going on, this new system dominates all others. It’s so simple yet so effective at helping you contact thousands of entrepreneurs… they are all lookng for the same thing; other people like themselves – people who are willing to look at opportunities.

Meanwhile, you have the chance to earn more money… Lots of it! JUST KEEP sending out your offers to your new, Massive LIST!


As you can imagine, the more you tell others about this new kid on the block, the more you earn.

So, what’s holding you back when there are 42,323 other people below you in the order of signing up? They are all available to receive your message and invitation to form a relationship… loads of leads!


Simply click on the banner to your left and get started.


This is your lucky day because it is FREE, Fast and Fabulous Fun!

Top Earners In The World

Posted by Harry Wright on November 18, 2016
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Juha Parhiala is heading up the Top Earners In The World for networking Companies. He  currently earns $4million per month through One-Coin, the dominant rising star of crypto-currencies.


One-Coin, a much- improved descendant of Bit-coin technology, is surging  towards global dominance and possible acceptance as the world’s reserve currency within a few years. It will serve many millions of ordinary people, including the current two billion bankless folk, with a transparent and very cheap way of carrying out highly secure transactions, such as sending money home to families abroad.

As well as helping you make a fortune from its growth as a new digital currency, One-Coin represents the very best way of of operating our currency system of the future. It digitally embeds the personal details of every individual making a transaction, so fraud is not possible and every transaction is much more secure with its Blockchain technology.


This is what to do to…

Watch the videos above at least twice, then register for FREE an account so that you can understand how the system works. Read everything in the menus (including the FAQ’s).

Ask me lots of questions and listen to people who know what they are talking about.

Understand the fact that you will at least DOUBLE your initial purchase within a month

Understand also that you should treat your involvement as a medium to long-term event and you should not expect to take out your money for a year or more… so that it has a chance to grow substantially and provide you with a handsome return, even a fortune!

Two Ways To Make Money Today

Posted by Harry Wright on November 13, 2016
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TRUMP for PresidentThere are more than Two Ways To Make Money Today but the easiest and quickest ways are shown below…

You will still have more than 90% of your valuable time left to do other things, in fact you could use your time for making more money or relaxing with your family and friends.


Why not tell your friends about these methods of making money… they might want to join in the fun and earn some money for themselves, indeed we could start a revolution or run for President.


You will also discover that by telling others about your success in making money without any effort, they will be inclined to pass it on. This ‘snow-ball’ effect can earn you even MORE money through affiliate or referral sales.


SALES!! you haven’t had to lift a finger and your influence has spread like a rash, purely because you were able to offer something that is really needed. Isn’t this what BREXIT and the recent USA election created?


There’s NO SECRET attached to these facts of modern life… Times have changed and there are more opportunities around compared with the times before the Internet and the Wright Brothers.

Use the simple tools of the Internet, including your own Home Computer… They really work!

Start with these Two Ways To Make Money Today

click here for the first method    Plus   video explaing how it works 


click here for the second method

Spanish Onion Property Bears Fruit

Posted by Harry Wright on November 6, 2016
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0c938ffd7970b8741f4363c22d7f5fb1c72998aa914c3f1056pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrSpanish Property is still bearing fruit for Developers, Investors and agents alike;

Just like the onion with its layers, the Spanish version is bigger, more popular

onionand fruitier than most as it yields even more annual growth, satisfying those British ex-patriots, proudly optimistic about a positive BREXIT outcome.

Nothing will get in the way of successful couples wanting to buy a place in the sun; nothing makes more sense than to invest in property, especially where the cost of living is easy and your lifestyle impressively high.

Some cautious Brexiteers are holding back but the wiser, British Bull-dogs are grabbing the best locations, the best prices and early emersion in the property boom for luxury villas… they know Spanish Onion Property Bears Fruit! Yes, they know their onions alright!

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Link To Properties In The Sun

Posted by Harry Wright on October 30, 2016
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Click This Link  For Properties In The Sun

and Bathe in The Lifestyle You Deserve”

luxury-villa-copy   Why work all your life and not make time to enjoy it?

 You can enjoy what you deserve by clicking on the link above and

browsing through this e-Book of beauiful dream properties in Spain.

     7e801d7946dc7d12bcbd27fece19a6f9e7b874b58c4d880aedpimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr      Call 01172 – 050279

Our Finest Hour

Posted by Harry Wright on September 15, 2016
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Right was Might, Victory was Assured…

It was Our Finest Hour in History!



Inspiring Generations Around The Globe

Posted by Harry Wright on September 8, 2016
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gold-medalOne-coin is Inspiring Generations Around The Globe with its ability to transcend the standards of Banks and Financial Institutions, enabling a much more open, secure and effective service.

Technology is blasting its way to provide a fascinating blend of transparency and security, with wealth and prosperity for all.

Enjoy One-Life with One-coin… feel proud of who you are…

A ‘crypto’, One-coin Miner – Inspiring Generations Around The Globe!

These two guys are Switching Languages Accents And Personalities Into Wealth.

Clearly, they enjoy what they are able to do and they are respected for it wherever they go in the world.  Are you able to achieve this in YOUR life-time… would you like to be wealthy too?

It’s far easier (in my opinion) to become wealthy than to learn languages, but you could have both if you really want it. Yes, I could show you how to become wealthy and they could show you how to speak languages… it’s only a matter of:

1. INTEREST in becoming wealthy (not just rich)

2. Trust in your COACH to demonstrate proof

3. Belief in YOURSELF to achieve great things!


Crypto Currencies Takeover

Posted by Harry Wright on August 16, 2016
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Marketing 1“Crypto Currencies Takeover the world Reserve Money system”


Position yourself for the new system of wealth creation;

He (or she) who hesitates is lost, along with a lot of their fortune!

free-account-2              get-more-info-2

Can You Imagine Your Lifestyle…. After Investing In One-Coin?



Virgin and Top 4 Percent Are On-Track to Become the Worlds Most Innovative Business Players.


They have broken through the glass ceiling of Global Expectations

Helping their customers experience something new and original.

New Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation

Top 4% are the new boys on the block with their founder

And active champion Vick Strizhous.

Vick energetically demonstrates how his highly motivated

Followers can and will dominate the online business world through creative collaboration with other top brands and products.

>>> See Vick In Action engaging with Financial Freedom <<<



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