The chances are that you have a facebook account!

Have you ever sat at the keyboard, poised to write a meaningful message to your friends, only to find that the words won’t come to you? Well, that’s what happened to me this morning… writer’s block!

I simply wanted to say something pleasant to individuals, possibly share my feelings that Spring was in the air, or just to say “Hello”, nothing different from ordinary life, yet a bit special… yeah, something special to read.

After a few false starts, I drafted this… I don’t know what to call it apart from a sincere and bold attempt to recognise my friends as special individuals, how they might be feeling and what they mean to me.

My Special Family Friend

1. This message has been written for someone special!

I have 200 special people in my facebook family;

Only 200 out of more than 800 million others on facebook…

That makes you four times more special than one in a million!


2. As a special member of my family, you’ll never need to cry;

You don’t need to ask for help, for understanding or support;

You have special privilege – anything I can give you –

My time, my interest and my money to see you through the day!


3. When times get tough and the day seems longer than usual,

I’d like you to call me; tell me what is happening in your life.

By sharing your story with me in our family atmosphere,

We will work out what’s best for you, my special family friend.


4. There will be times when you want to share your happiness;

Times to share a secret, a giggle, a story or a smile;

Times when you feel excited about something new in your life –

These are the times to call me and spread your good feelings.


5. Any other reason is a good reason for being in our family.

We don’t need to be right or wrong or smart or strong,

But we do have to remember who we are and who we trust;

Who we like and who we love, and who really cares about us.


6. As a special family friend you can draw on family energy;

You have freedom to live how you wish and wish how you live;

There’s nothing to stop you setting and achieving your goals;

You have the world at your feet and 200 special friends to enjoy.