Smart EarnerSmart Earners recognise this real opportunity at a glance and immediately accept the logic and Strategic Steps to achieve an attractive goal.

There’s no trick involved with earning $30,000 + monthly, it’s all down to ‘scale’… earn $30 daily with one ‘Sniper’ site (takes just 2-3 hours), then build lots more ‘Snipers’, repeating the process!

The luck we create for ourselves in finding our fortune is down to our ability to spot a viable model. This is a viable model because it simply works as a single entity and therefore works when multiplied by a reasonable number over the period of a couple of months.

By that I mean, you and I could quite easily build a website to produce an income of $30 in Lucky Winnera day. We could, without real difficulty, fine tune it to achieve this figure EVERY DAY. If it took me the whole of the first month to get it right, I would be set up for life – just like George was, a young friend of mine, who is now chased by followers of all shapes and sizes from the work he did to invent Google Sniping.

During the second month, more of the same except that the learning process is already defined and it is much quicker to knock out a website with identical structure but another Google Sniper in a different subject, earning that important $30 per day.

That’s what this strategy is all about… Google Sniping by courtesy of my good friend George Brown. He was only 18 years old when he devised the strategy to pin-point a sale through targeting a small niche product. He was still 18 when that strategy poured money into his bank account to register him as a millionaire!!

If that’s not good enough news for you (and him), he has gone on to make at least a $million every year since turning 19, 20, 21 and 22. But the REALLY GOOD NEWS is that he still runs the club for New Google Snipers who, realising a winner when they see one, watch  his videos for setting up their new Google Sniper sites under his close guidance.

George Brown is, without doubt, a smart cookie. When I first spoke with his mum at his first Millionaire’s Conference in London, she told me of how much she had wanted him to go to university instead of spending his time after sixth form playing with the Internet by night while doing the job of a furniture remover during the day! Poor George hated his day job and mustered the courage to do something about it. He created from scratch, the Route To Earning $1000 per Day for 30 days – EVERY MONTH.

Magic HolidaysIt’s a good topic to debate but George doesn’t appear to be upset at not going to University! As well as liking him as a person, I admire his decision making to stick at the challenge of making his first Google Sniper site work… he knew he had to overcome the gremlins of finding out for himself – there was nobody to teach him how to do it.

However, back to the simple job of following in his footsteps. George knows, and all the thousands of Google Snipers around the world know, that this strategy works and works very well. It is only a matter of joining his Google Sniper’s member area, watching his videos and following his instructions to get your own sniper sites up and running – just like a stroll to the beach!

Take as long as you like, it’s up to you! There is no rush except that, being a smart operator yourself, you will probably want to crank out those little earners as fast as you can. Remember, one site is great – it can earn you anything from $10 a day up to perhaps $100, even $500 + some days and that is all down to your tender loving care (TLC) and time allocation.

Once you feel the wheels turning and your second, third and fourth sniper sites take to the Top BeachInternet air-waves, you will be able to reflect on how smart you were at taking notice of this little Blog-post when you saw that light-bulb moment start flashing in your head.

There’s an empty beach out there, just waiting for you to rake in some money, find the right person to accompany you and slide off on the holiday of YOUR life-time. Simply take the Route To Earning $1000 per Day for 30 days – EVERY MONTH.

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