Cruelty to ComputersIT’s NOT ILLEGAL to Bully Your Computer Into Serving You Cash By The Weekend, in fact it’s down-right encouraged by those who have been there, tried it and bought all 10,000 tee-shirts from the Web-master Warehouse!

Nothing beats the computer (except you) for knowing how to find a way through an Internet maze to a pot of gold the other side of a HYPER-LINK. Nothing teases the imagination more than a qwerty keyboard dancing to the tune of “I want to be a Millionaire”.

Nobody was ever threatened with divorce from shovelling bullion into the family bank, nor given the sack from wearing a wide grin at work… the fortunate few have, instead, been raised to the rank of ‘smarty-pants’ and have been blessed with the knowledge to help others start a new life, working from home.

These new technicians of financial freedom are in a league of their own and able to commandMoney from Computer their home computers to spit out bundles of cash with labels ranging from “mortgage” to “holiday” or “car-payment” to “children’s education”… they choose the payment, point their mouse and ZAP!! Another hyper-link sears through Internet butter to hit the toast for another month!

When their computer dares to ‘whinge’ for a second, they SLAP it into a different browser and blast it with a double dose of traffic for its trouble… nothing worse than a mean entrepreneur after midnight! Never in the history of human finance, have so many entrepreneurs bullied their computers into total submission for so much money, by the weekend!!

If it were not for the fact that the Internet Police are, themselves, CORRUPT there would be a law against earning so much money in such a wickedly efficient manner. Nothing can overtake this F-1, ATM-like system from Earning Euros, Producing Pounds, Yielding Yen or Delivering Dollars on command… why not Bully Your Computer Into Serving Up Cash By The Weekend?


1. Simply produce a ‘Squeeze Page’ looking like this… SQUEEZE PAGE (click)

2. Send this very same link to as many people (via email) as possible

3. When they complete the details requested, they will receive a “thank-you” message

4. They will also receive a regular, automated email with an offer they can’t refuseBanners Whatsit

5. By clicking on a hyper-link and paying for the very attractive product, they will be funding your ‘Pay-Pal’ or ‘click-bank’ account in less time than it takes to say “Thanks”!!

6. The more people you have on your email list, the more people will buy your product or service.

ASK Harry (click) to hold your hand and show you every step of my ‘6-step’ way… Totally without cost to you. Let’s face it, I’d have to be really mean to charge for instructions on how to Bully Your Computer Into Serving Up Cash By The Weekend… I would definitely be guilty of encouraging cruelty to computers! Money by the weekend

Actually, they don’t feel a thing if you do it properly with confidence and authority – some say that their computers even enjoy the challenge and they appear to learn from the experience!!

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