Binary DiceYes or No; One or Naught;

In or Out; Up or Down;

There or Not There;

Present or Not Present… All Binary Options.


‘Binary’ meaning ‘two-state’ provides a convenient way of describingBinary skills situations or options in every day life, including how to make cash.

“How can you make money using Binary, you ask?” Well, take any flow of commodities, currencies, indices or stocks and you can create a ‘game’ to guess if the value will be higher or lower in, say, 60 seconds time – what a great game!

ATTENTION!! I suggest you study the rules plus the terms & Conditions.


Of course digital technology lends itself to anything binary and we have many ‘robots’ in competition for the best results every day. Developers knock together a few lines of code and then strap it to a trading platform before making a video to attract ordinary people to risk their money. This is when the feelings start to get warm… even hot!

These robots all look impressive on video but when you get to the stage of depositing your money on the trading platform, that’s when the process of making money kicks you in the teeth or up the bum, depending on which way you happen to be facing!

Yes or NoTraders then take over your account and either make you a few Pounds Sterling, or switch the system into ‘auto-pilot’ and leave you to the devil! Well, that’s my recent experience and it’s a bit scary if the money you invest is important to you, or worse still, it’s your partner’s hard earned cash for the family food and other necessities! My advice at this stage is “Keep your head and just play a straight Binary Options bat” Take out your profits (if any) and head for the hills!!

I’m not saying that all financial traders are scum-bags but when you see an attractive, well formed video of a fortune making system, look over your right shoulder because there might be, just might be a dodgy, money-grabbing swine lurking in the shadows!!

However, there must be good ones (traders, that is) and that’s why I’m going to give this new video [plus great opportunity] a final swing with this month’s traffic money! I will receive Text signals telling me to click ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’ in order to make a killing!!! I’ll let you know the outcome of my latest Binary Options adventure…