empty wallet 01My poor old wallet has been suffering for years!

Apparently, ‘Wallie’ has been having quite severe pains in his middle – a bit like hunger pains to you and me, and he has been keeping it to himself – poor Wallie!

I’ve decided to do something about it and take away his discomfort, it should make me feel better too. So, what’s causing it and what can be done about it right now?

5-minutes of research has revealed that it was caused by a lack of ready cash at odd times during the day and night. Wallie literally felt empty and ill-prepared to help me if an emergency cropped up or even if I wanted to buy myself or my family a treat!

I knew about this (of course I did) but didn’t mention it to anyone because it would have been embarrassing to say the least. So we all suffered, not just Wallie. But he deserves the credit for alerting me to the need for action.

Starting TODAY, I am going to invest a little money, yes, just a small amount ($200) on traffic for my website. This is to enable me to earn some commissions from affiliate product sales. If I can earn more than it costs me to buy traffic then I will repeat the exercise and possibly expand to buy more! It’s time for risk in order to gain profit!

If you could earn $300 every time you spent $200 on traffic, how often would you do it?

I’m off to find the right traffic source… are you coming?

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