This is a review by Hearing Direct of

Amplicomms M9000 –

Probably the best Smart Phone for the Deaf:

German made, it is truly a powerful and impressive machine, designed to blast ‘rings’
and messages to all those users with considerable hearing loss while competing with
other top brands for functionality and display innovation.

I have an elderly brother who is profoundly deaf and owns this attractive product.
Unfortunately, after a Spring clean, he mislaid the power charger for it!
He was very disappointed by this – a true indicator of how much he values his M9000.

Trying hard to find something to criticise, I set off on the trail of the lost power unit

but soon found out that I could get huge amounts of customer service by ringing

the company freephone number or sending an email to their support desk.

My only gripe being the higher than expected price of the power supply, overall it

makes for a thoroughly positive review.

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