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I’ll show you the crypto game that’s already build into the lives of our children and all future generations.

Crypto currency is a digital code representing the money you would normally keep in your pocket or the bank. Instead, you can keep it in your mobile phone or anywhere online or offline in a digital wallet.

Bitcoin is the grandfather of hundreds of different crypto-currencies.  ‘Born’ in 2009 to Satoshi Nakamoto it has taken the world of finance by storm. You can now have money that is much more secure than before and much cheaper to transfer to other people, world-wide.

IMPORTANTLY, while the world’s population slowly wakes up to its benefits, you can get into Bitcoin and make yourself a fortune simply by buying even a small amount (like £50) and holding on to it while the price of each coin is taking off like a rocket! Bitcoin News

Did you know that if you had bought £1,000 worth of Bitcoin in 2010, you would be sitting on £3.3million today! That is due to the growing popularity of the currency and its limited number of coins.

You are NOT too late!! The price will be rising for the foreseeable future… some experts are saying that a coin could reach $1million in the next five to ten years. Ask Richard Branson or Bill Gates. 

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