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New Ways To Earn Money…

5 Million Micro Businesses In The UK

BELOW is A Brilliant Business Success – 

Just One Example Of The 5 Million Micro Businesses In The UK


Is yours one of these successful Businesses or are you thinking of starting one soon?


Are you holding down a regular job to ensure you can pay the rent (but not much more!)?

If so, STOP!!…

LOOK at what millions of people are doing:

Fill in your details above and learn how to

Use just half an hour a day to earn REAL CASH,

supporting your regular income until you can jump ship

and go it alone – FULL TIME at HOME!!



Perhaps you have already taken the great leap

out of your corporate window and are now

enjoying new freedom from the daily

‘strangle-hold’ (your job)?

Hey, out of the frying pan and into the fire of

conventional small business… and suffering a

much reduced income as a result!?



Many of the 5-million micro business owners have

made that nail-biting transition to improve their

lifestyle and to escape a punishing trek up the motorway

every day.



And it has taken them no more than a couple of weeks

to get bitten by the colourful bug ‘freedom’ while setting up

the company paperwork to master v.a.t.!!



‘Freedom’ is something special to everyone;Casual Friday

So how long can you survive on a handful of orders and an empty seat next to you?  Unfortunately, you soon find out that there’s a bit more to setting up in CONVENTIONAL business than placing a sign in your bedroom window!



In showing you the best alternative to conventional business, I make sure you recognise that every situation is different. However, there are THREE STANDARD CHALLENGES to address and I present you with a working solution to all three below…


  1. MONEY – good news, you won’t need much!

    MONEY needs to be forthcoming right from day one of

    setting up in any business, even if  you are lucky enough to get a flying start!

  2. Being Lonely in business LeadershipArrowDownRedGlossArrowDownRedGloss

Being LONELY is something that hits most

business people, especially successful ones.

Why do I need this

We all need other people in one form or another.


I strongly recommend a business coach rather than just a business partner. This keeps your business clean, professional and politically secure.


Again, I can advise you and will coach you through day-to-day challenges.



3. Business Growth.ArrowDownRedGlossArrowDownRedGlossArrowDownRedGloss

As time goes by, you will need to plan, set goals and celebrate achievement.

You will, of course, have to address possible failure and convert it into success! This starts with a bit of training… I can give you all that, no matter who you are or whatever your background… it’s all ‘learn-able’ and I have lots of business training experience across the patch.

Important!! Successful business people also need to relax on holiday! For this reason  you need money coming in, and you will learn how you can easily earn enough to take two or three good vacations every year.relax 1


So, Let’s Get Started….

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Here are my personal contact details:                                     

mobile: 44 7714222358

email address: ccpharrywright@gmail.com

Skype name: ‘actiontaker10’

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