Joined together in Holy Matrimony – My wife and I have been working together to make money online.

It’s a true test of a relationship to be sitting together while going through a video based comprehensive training course on making money with a properly SEO’d website.

You should see us every night, after our little boy has gone to bed, we sit there watching the screen of our computer and listening to a shared lead for two headsets!

Luckily I can do all the tasks needed to achieve an income online but my wife is new to it all and she is going through this crash course at break-neck speed, hoping to learn all that is needed to get our sites working. I’m impressed with her patience so far, it’s not at all like shopping for clothes! She is thinking of buying the clothes while she is making the money to do it –  great motivation.

Our joint  goal is for my wife to be making at least $100 per day by Christmas… 10 weeks from now! It’s a very interesting project because it is an alternative to Yichen going out to work. Yes, she’s Chinese and she only needs to see this done just ONCE and she will be able to knock out websites by the dozen every week.Why not try it with your partner?

The system we have chosen for her is the new package by Alex Shelton, a 22 year old English gentleman who knows a thing or two about making BIG money online. His whole personality is wrapped up in his delivery on HD quality video. This must have taken him a year to complete because it is fabulous, detailed and highly effective. We have no doubt that we will succeed with our goal.

Well, I consider that Holy Matrimony is the bringing together of two people to share everything in their lives. Our project comes very close to this as we see each other struggling to stay awake late at night, determined to make progress so that we can provide for our children during the years to come. Individually and separately we would probably have given up already. It’s the’togetherness’ that makes it all possible.

There’s no doubt that we will remember this project for a mix of difficulties and fun. Something to endure and enjoy… together!