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Route To Earning $1000 per Day for 30 days – EVERY MONTH

Posted by Harry Wright on September 27, 2013
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Smart EarnerSmart Earners recognise this real opportunity at a glance and immediately accept the logic and Strategic Steps to achieve an attractive goal.

There’s no trick involved with earning $30,000 + monthly, it’s all down to ‘scale’… earn $30 daily with one ‘Sniper’ site (takes just 2-3 hours), then build lots more ‘Snipers’, repeating the process!

The luck we create for ourselves in finding our fortune is down to our ability to spot a viable model. This is a viable model because it simply works as a single entity and therefore works when multiplied by a reasonable number over the period of a couple of months.

By that I mean, you and I could quite easily build a website to produce an income of $30 in Lucky Winnera day. We could, without real difficulty, fine tune it to achieve this figure EVERY DAY. If it took me the whole of the first month to get it right, I would be set up for life – just like George was, a young friend of mine, who is now chased by followers of all shapes and sizes from the work he did to invent Google Sniping.

During the second month, more of the same except that the learning process is already defined and it is much quicker to knock out a website with identical structure but another Google Sniper in a different subject, earning that important $30 per day.

That’s what this strategy is all about… Google Sniping by courtesy of my good friend George Brown. He was only 18 years old when he devised the strategy to pin-point a sale through targeting a small niche product. He was still 18 when that strategy poured money into his bank account to register him as a millionaire!!

If that’s not good enough news for you (and him), he has gone on to make at least a $million every year since turning 19, 20, 21 and 22. But the REALLY GOOD NEWS is that he still runs the club for New Google Snipers who, realising a winner when they see one, watch  his videos for setting up their new Google Sniper sites under his close guidance.

George Brown is, without doubt, a smart cookie. When I first spoke with his mum at his first Millionaire’s Conference in London, she told me of how much she had wanted him to go to university instead of spending his time after sixth form playing with the Internet by night while doing the job of a furniture remover during the day! Poor George hated his day job and mustered the courage to do something about it. He created from scratch, the Route To Earning $1000 per Day for 30 days – EVERY MONTH.

Magic HolidaysIt’s a good topic to debate but George doesn’t appear to be upset at not going to University! As well as liking him as a person, I admire his decision making to stick at the challenge of making his first Google Sniper site work… he knew he had to overcome the gremlins of finding out for himself – there was nobody to teach him how to do it.

However, back to the simple job of following in his footsteps. George knows, and all the thousands of Google Snipers around the world know, that this strategy works and works very well. It is only a matter of joining his Google Sniper’s member area, watching his videos and following his instructions to get your own sniper sites up and running – just like a stroll to the beach!

Take as long as you like, it’s up to you! There is no rush except that, being a smart operator yourself, you will probably want to crank out those little earners as fast as you can. Remember, one site is great – it can earn you anything from $10 a day up to perhaps $100, even $500 + some days and that is all down to your tender loving care (TLC) and time allocation.

Once you feel the wheels turning and your second, third and fourth sniper sites take to the Top BeachInternet air-waves, you will be able to reflect on how smart you were at taking notice of this little Blog-post when you saw that light-bulb moment start flashing in your head.

There’s an empty beach out there, just waiting for you to rake in some money, find the right person to accompany you and slide off on the holiday of YOUR life-time. Simply take the Route To Earning $1000 per Day for 30 days – EVERY MONTH.

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All Over The World

There are people looking ahead to the Christmas Holidays.

* Partly because of a spiritual significance, fun and happy children.

* Partly because it is a break from the pain of work

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing this year at CHRISTMAS TIME… NEXT YEAR COULD BE BETTER – this is what I mean …


My Niece and her family are looking forward to their holiday time in their newly adopted home country of Australia. She and her husband have both said how much they are waiting for the holidays to begin… partly because of WORK. They are really looking forward to that short period of time when they can feel relaxed, not having to get up early for work.


I want to help them realise the same kind of freedom that I’m experiencing back here in England, although it’s got nothing at all to do with the country, the weather or beautiful scenary… just a matter of learning a simple (very simple) method for investing a small amount of money and taking no more than ten minutes per day to build up a huge fund within, say, 9-months.


This time next year, my Niece and her family in Australia, PLUS people all over the world  could be doing precisely what I did yesterday and what I’ll be doing every day from now onwards…

I took my Mastercard to the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ machine and drew out £200 ($320) in cash.

“So, what’s special about that”, you might ask?

Well, since February 3rd 2012 I have made it MY BUSINESS to find out what is possible in the world of Internet income, I set aside £270 ($415) and prepared myself to monitor my account every day (10-mins).

Nine months later, I started drawing £200 ($320) every single day from the cash machine while still monitoring my account for further growth. At the moment my account is still growing bigger and its rate of growth is accelerating as I expected. This will continue as I continue to withdraw £200 ($320) every day for the rest of my life (hopefully many years).

How can I possibly contain this discovery without wanting to share the good news? I want to tell everyone I meet on Facebook, twitter, in the street, on the train, on the telephone… it’s NOT to brag or boast about the financial security of my family, it’s purely to say how pleased I am to share this opportunity with everyone else.


Please don’t think that this money has NOT been earned. It HAS been earned, but not directly by me! I am fully entitled to this huge amount of cash because You and I have contributed to the earning of it by way of clicking on advertisements across the Internet. Maybe you didn’t actually click on adverts last month but millions of others have. And it is this activity which generates money for the advertising agent I discovered in February. This agent is so pleased with my support for their business that they REWARD ME with a tiny portion of their revenue.

It might be a tiny portion of THEIR revenue but it is a massive boost to my daily income.


Tell me, what could YOU do with an EXTRA £200 ($320) every day?


Before I finish writing this post, I will be walking to the nearest cash machine to draw out today’s £200 ($320) . That’s how reliable this income is; I can be as sure about drawing MY INCOME via THE INTERNET as you are about going to your work and being entitled to draw YOUR money at the end of the month.

So, what do I suggest?

I suggest you ask me HOW to get started because it will not affect your current job and earnings and it will not tax your brain beyond the level of, say, filling out your tax return!!

Yes, we will be giving the tax man his share of this legitimately earned income but he won’t ask you how easy it has been for you to earn it! It will be completely up to you whether or not you decide to continue with your current job (if you aleady have one). Remember, the tax man is just interested in the total level of your earnings.

So, there you have itclick on this link to get you started with me and my support. I’ll get you earning the same as me, if not more, (if that’s what you want) before next Christmas.

People all over the world are able to join in this marvellous employment… but it’s not a JOB, you know. Please join me and my wife and make the world a much happier place at Christmas-time plus all other times during the year. Join Me And My Wife Today


Harry Wright

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email: harywright43@gmail.com


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My Wife Spends Loads of Money

Posted by Harry Wright on December 1, 2012
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“My Wife Spends Loads Of Money – But I Don’t Mind In The Least!”

As far as I’m concerned…

“She Earns It, So She Is Entitled To Spend It”


She loves the clothes, you know;

She loves the glittering lights;

No more the bore of watching telly

On Frosty Christmas nights.


She’s out there spending lolly,

As fast as she can spend

On Marks & Sparks and other larks

As if there is no end


Yichen is very happy

She uses ALL her brain

To drive up deals in her smart set of wheels

Then glides back home again


There are no limits for my girl

Where shopping is concerned

She knows what’s great on her big plate

And only leaves what’s burned


Shopping, eating, talking, meeting

As happy as can be

My wife who spends a fortune

Is just beautiful to me


She knows just how to make the cash

Her notes, they fill the range

And when she’s helping you and me

She never gives short change


In fact she’s often overboard

She’s generous and funny

When showing you the process bits

O f earning lots of money


My wife will show you what to do >>>>>> click the screen >>>

Just ask her for top tips

She’s bound to help you all way through

With clickity-click-click-clicks!


Profit Clicking is her sport

Makes money in her sleep

She makes 100 in her stride

!0,000 with a leap


Rest assured she’s on the ball

And wealthy in the end

She makes enough to cover costs

With plenty left to spend


My wife has money magic

A trick or two in hand

She caters for the party

And pays for all the band.


So, let’s look back and count the cost –

There is no cost at all

My wife will earn you trees of cash

From seeds to oak trees tall


Just click on one small dollar >>>>>>> that one over there >>>>

And read her website through

Pick up the phone and work from home

To earn your lifestyle – NEW!!


OK, My Wife spends loads of money… Now You Can Too!!

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If you want to increase your income,

This post is written especially for you!

No matter what your situation, there’s always a solution close by.

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to spot it unless you know someone who can help you pull off the wraps, describe or explain it in simple terms, and give you a gentle shove in the right direction.


You have probably guessed that I’m a bit keen when it comes to problem solving; I was introduced to the subject at an early age in the Royal Air Force when I was responsible for airborne communication systems and the safety of our aircrew, way back in 1960.

Since then I have used the very same techniques for different kinds of problem resolution in business across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Now, during my retirement, I’m applying the same approach to help people (including myself) earn extra income.

Let me create a fictitious character for whom I can help out of a tricky but typical life situation – I’ll call her Marie and I’ll position her as a bubbly person who simply craves the romantic scene of eating out! Sadly, she doesn’t have the money to do it often enough and this is threatening her natural, bubbly personality. She actually knows that if she had an extra £200 – £300 per month, she would be over the moon!


Here’s the solution Marie:


Step 1. Go to the side menu on this website and click on ‘Ad-Click-Xpress’


Step 2. Study the information in the post to get a ‘feel’ for the money-earning system.


Step 3. Click on the actual picture and wait for your life-changing system to appear.


Step 4. Read as much as you can to more easily understand the system on my website.


Step 5. Accept the FREE $10 offered to you while signing up to check out the system.


Step 6. Do as much of the setting-up as you can from the dashboard screen instructions


Step 7. You can earn your £200 – £300 per month, within a month, by simply clicking on THREE websites per day (that’s all) and purchasing some Advertising Packs at $10 each roughly to the tune of your first months earnings. i.e. £270 will buy you about 43 packs, plus the $10 they give you = 44 packs.


Step 8. At 2% per day, you will earn about $9 per day


Step 9. After 5 days you will have $45 and that will enable you to buy 4 more packs


Step 10. Now you will own 44 + 4  = 48 Advertising Packs and your daily earnings will rise to over 10 dollars per day. As you earn more money, you should buy more packs (from within your account earnings) to earn yourself a higher daily rate. Simply repeat the process to grow your earnings. Remember you earn every day and you can withdraw your money every day if that’s what you want to do. Personally, I’d leave it in to keep growing for a few months while you make plans for how to spend it!


Step 11. Within a couple of weeks you should be earning around 12 dollars per day, within a month you will be climbing the ladder of monthly earnings within your target range.


Step 12. You do not need to put any more money into the system from your own pocket, all money will be earned by your account and you simply continue clicking on three adverts per day… not a difficult job, I think you’ll agree!! If you ask me, I think this system was designed especially for you.



** After a few months, Marie, you will be able to eat out as often as you like and wherever you like**

If this is what you would like … Please Click Here


For solutions to your other day-day needs (e.g. health and losing weight), please take a look at my sister sites…




Love or Money

Posted by Harry Wright on April 21, 2012
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Love or Money – A Difficult Choice?

There’s nothing strange about the choices faced by many of us in this world, you either focus on the things you enjoy or on the things you HAVE to do in order to survive. Some of us struggle while trying to be happy and share some good feelings, inwardly growling and groaning about the hardships we face day-to-day. Others know what to do when they show their misery; they get stuck into the hard graft of making a living for the family. Yet another, smaller group of people are able to maintain a balance of working hard to earn HAPPY money… they actually enjoy what they are doing! These are the interesting ones for me because they really love providing a happy and prosperous lifestyle for themselves and their families. For them it’s NOT hard work, love OR money, it’s easy work, love AND money!

So what’s the secret of bringing LOVE and MONEY together? How do these lucky individuals strike it rich in the first place and how do they manage to keep going without coming unstuck?

The truth is quite simple; no need to do deep analysis of workstyles, lifestyles and psychological relationships between bread winners and home-makers. In fact the motivation of earning easy or ‘simple’ money is such that it stimulates more of a loving relationship and support for each other in the family. Perhaps the lack of stress on the part of the earner is carried over to the home-maker. In many cases the two roles are almost as one. The work I am talking about isn’t difficult so the other person has a go at it too and finds it easy. Both parties are then able to relax further and build/maintain the home together. This makes for a sound bond of partners and a happy team.

What is easy money? There is probably no such thing as easy money overall but the part that I’m talking about is the bit that converts the system information into the actual cash to be spent. For every successful project there are thousands that fail and this gives rise to the misconception of there being no such thing as a free meal. Well, believe me there are some that reach the parts that others fail to reach; there are systems that are very successful and I am one of those lucky individuals to discover, operate and benefit from one.

Banners broker Banner 300x250Creating the system and feeding it with all the correct data and controls is usually a nightmare for the developers. Nevertheless, they enjoy building financial cathedrals because they realise the great rewards to come out of their efforts. I think there’s also a bit of proud engineering attached to it too! Well, the system I’m pleased to be associated with is known as Banners Broker, a complex but fantastically effective business formula for earning money from online and offline advertising and publishing. The change from conventional advertising to internet advertising has created a massive opportunity for those who can broker and manage the communications between a multitude of business owners who need it and publishers who have the skills and knowledge (plus the traffic) to promote it. BB holds the ring and the key to successful businesses online while seeking support from people like you and me. Yes, we can help this mighty traffic operator by simply offering our oil for the wheels of their Ad-Pub combinations. I see the involvement of the public as a clever motivational lubricant for Banners Broker business where we purchase some advertising packages to help grow the business, they give us recognition and, as a reward, they afford us a huge return on our involvement. It is NOT an investment scheme in the normal sense of the word but it certainly provides a reward for a financial input that NOBODY can ignore. You receive a complimentary round of traffic to get you started… then you get another one, just to make sure your business is on a sound footing!

Benefits in this opportunity include account management. There’s no shortage of HELP – you don’t have to get involved with the basic business of Advertising and Publishing, just watch your account earnings grow daily from inventory holdings. Another benefit is the relatively short time for the action to take effect, especially in the first two complimentary cycles.

My first experience of this form of ‘work’ was when my mid-level package started growing, part of which had shot up in value within ONE WEEK! The rest completed within another eight weeks. By this time I had not only doubled my initial cost but had actually trippled it. Then came the next doubling cycle! It might be different for other people but there can’t be a better and more enjoyable (and secure) way of increasing your earnings than this… is this called work? I naturally fell in love with this system and it will take a lot to wrench me away from this dizzy form of earning money.

You would expect me to say this… “My family and I love this kind of work!” We are noticably happier now that we have a very good chance of becoming financially free in the next three to five years with a new house and all the trappings. We can take out the money we earn so we can cover all kinds of unforseen living expenses while growing a big pot of gold.

The Love or Money lifestyle changes into a new lifestyle of Love And Money when you get involved with Banners Broker and all the positive emotion it stirs up. Registration is free of course: