“Thankyou” means so much to me, I love it when you appreciate the posts I make on this website. The best and most appropriate way for me to reply is to say “thankyou” to you!

We are all busy doing something; studying, working, sporting… whatever! It makes me feel humble that you have taken time out to send me your feelings and share with me your interests.

The next best thing to meeting you personally (something I’d love to do) is to keep on sharing my experiences for the rest of my life… yes, I don’t see an end to this freedom. We’re so lucky to be able to tell the world about our personal things and to have people across the world reply with similar thoughts and ideas. Clearly, I get so much pleasure from writing to you that I’d simply like to see more of it… please keep writing back to me and let me know what you are doing to express your own ideas in a blog or website.

The more we share, the more we will know and understand about the pleasures and struggles of this world. Perhaps it is too much to hope for but wouldn’t it be great to wake up one morning and realise that there were no more wars, no more self-inflicted injury – physical or mental, and no more waste of our valuable resources. A long way to go but only possible when people are truly working together and demonstrating their enjoyment with learning and progress towards a worthwhile goal in life.

Please send me your thoughts and examples of what you are up to, online or otherwise.