Over the past five years there have been many new things popping up online to help you make money.

Many of them have just been here for a month or two and then they disappeared or became unpopular for a multitude of reasons.

However, six months ago, we were hit with Bitcoin, the grandfather of our Crypto-currency revolution that’s here to stay. This is The Latest and the Best!


Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, many lucky or wise speculators have become multi-millionaires and this has recently come to light.

Billionaires and household names like Sir Richard Branson and popular tycoon Bill Gates have both invested hundreds of $Millions in Bitcoin. 

Organisations like Subway, Nike, Emirates Airways, Dell, Amazon, Home Depot, Sears, Walmart and Paypal (plus many more) are joining this list every day, they are all accepting the Bitcoin because they know it is already very popular and will possibly take over all other currencies in the world. Certainly millions of customers have already shown their interest and there are many more millions to follow them – just like you and me!

Yes, I am one of those followers, savers and customers (Users) of crypto-currency in general and Bitcoin in particular because it represents precisely what we all want and need from our currency in our wallets… something that is secure from fraud, appreciates in value, without inflation or depreciation! It also represents a great opportunity for EARNING INCOME too!

BELOW is one method for how you can increase your

wealth with Bitcoin.

Method 1.

* You buy some Bitcoin and keep it in your Bitcoin Wallet online. It is secure and takes just a few minutes to set up.

* There are many online wallets, all free to set up and very cheap to operate.

* My favourite is Xapo.com because it offers a visa-card to facilitate all your transactions in shops or ATM machines, world-wide.

* Access your Bitcoin online via your computer or your mobile phone.

* The longer you keep it, the more the value of your Bitcoin is likely to be worth…

* There is a limit to the maximum number of coins  being created (mined) so the value will rise considerably as the global masses start using it and demanding more. Top financial institutions and gurus forecast Bitcoin to rise to a value of $500,000 – $1million within 10 years. Now is the time to buy Bitcoin because it is currently worth approximately $2,500 per coin. It is worth twice as much as gold and is going to keep on rising.

So, to take advantage of this ‘Method 1’, what can ‘The Latest and the Best’ do for you?

>>> Learn much more about Bitcoin and get started right here.<<<

For Your Information… there are many different crypto-currencies (about 700) in existence. They are all trying to compete with Bitcoin. Some are are not as good, others are better because they have learned lessons from Bitcoin (the pioneer). This is understandable, especially as technology has improved since 2009. Typically, Bitcoin’s Block-chain transaction speed is 10 minutes, whereas that of ‘One-coin’ is much faster at 1-minute per transaction

Here’s a video giving you information about crypto-currency in general and one-coin in particular.

‘One-coin’ is due to go public by about the end of second quarter 2018.

One-coin is impressive for its modern features re: its multi-faceted eco-system (One-life), 3-million active members plus very high tech and KYC security. This is a global reserve currency waiting in the wings for world politics to recognise the inevitable – Digital currency has arrived!


You can find out more about ‘One-coin’ and register for a free account CLICK here.

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