This wonderful world of ours;

Can you imagine what it’s like to splash about on the sea-shore at the age of 9 years?

Can you ‘feel’ the sea breeze challenging you to float in the air like a kite above the waves, tethered only by a string for safety, held by your Dad who is anchored firmly on the shore?

Can you believe that life is so cruel and kind in equal measure for those who want to explore human endeavor? Today, for example, there is someone grieving over the loss of their 5-year old son, swept to his death in the dangerous undercurrents of a fast flowing river in Northern Ireland. Then again, a 17-year old boy has recently impressed his parents (and the world) by winning a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in South Korea… yes, sadness and joy within This Wonderful World Of Ours.

So, if we are to expect the blessings from Mother Earth, we have to respect the mighty power of her natural forces – wind and rain, sea and sky. How is it possible for a 9-year old boy to fully understand these enormous strengths without the wisdom and guidance of caring parents born out of This Wonderful World Of Ours?   Click here to KEEP HEALTHY and LIVE LONGER for our children