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What do I Want To Be

What do I want to be? (as in your financial position)

“To-Be” (not the William Shakespeare version of “To be or not to be”), it’s just “To-Be”.

By now you will realise we are talking about the level you want to be at after earning a lot of money… but how much? Is it a huge amount or will you be satisfied with, say, $250,000?

Some people make $250,000 every month on the Internet but we should set our expectations to a lower figure until we have been been able to manage this Internet beast for a year or so. There is no hard or fast rule about how much you can make in a certain time but there are many people we can use as a good guideline in this respect.

I know successful people who have made at least $1million within six months, a couple of them have done it with a single product launch within 48 hours! Yes, these figures are not unusual, nor are the people who achieve this level of earnings.

George Brown was a millionaire (2 years ago) at age 18 with his first Google Sniper product.I’m sure he asked himself that question “What do I want to be when I get rid of this crappy job?” (furniture removals)

Chris Farrell made $1million in 24 hours with a new product launch a few months ago. I have spoken at length to each of them and they both say that it is not difficult to make this level of money if you follow some simple guidelines and stick at them! This is exactly what we are going to do. Chris says that making money online is a skill that is very ‘learnable’; He started from scratch in 2008 knowing nothing about the Internet but has been voted the official No 1 Online Marketing Service (in the world) for the past two years. I have been a student of his and will be able to pass on much of his approach and good teachings to you.

Looking at your wish list from the previous stage, you should be aware of your total ‘wishes’  then sit down again to work out what figure you want to be worth. I suggest it should be in the millions before you retire from active earning. Notice that I have avoided mentioning a date, this is deliberate because that is a further stage of the journey you will be able to enjoy. For the moment keep asking yourself “What to I want to be when I break out of this current struggle?”. It’s got be something that will bring me a bit more enjoyment in life!

Talking of enjoyment, I will soon be getting you to do something other than planning! However, you must have heard of how important it is to spend time planning before rushing into a project, head first? This is no exception; the better prepared you are, the better you will perform when it comes to clicking those Internet links.

How are you feeling? Have you started to believe that you will be able to do something about improving your overall wealth? I hope so. Remember, you have help on hand if and when you are unsure about anything in the programme; Indeed, anything about creating your wealth online.

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