Happy oldiesAs a local business owner, eager to have the BEST REPUTATION in town, you may do all of the following…


* Regularly engage with your customers

* Create Customer Projects that are fun and rewarding.

* Greatly improve your bottom line and business assets by involving your customers in suitable projects to develop their interest, personal wealth and loyalty.

* Share the customer projects (plus all the fun) with friends and family of your customers to generate an ever widening network of prospective customers!

* Demonstrate your Business Leadership prowess by joining in the fun and steering the way to your business and personal success.

* Get involved with the creation and management of Your Customer Projects in order to keep in touch with every part of your business.


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– Customer Renewal  – I can help you with this

– Customer Retention  – How to do this?

– Customer Respect  – What else is involved?


Typical examples of customer projects include…

‘Yourcompanyname’ DIVI-UP  – this is how ‘DIVI’_UP works…

* Whether your business is off-line or on-line, you need to have a presence on-line.

* Also, recognise that on-line advertising, as a business sector, is going through the roof

* A short (10 mins) activity to advertise your business, on-line… get customers involved!

* A regular (daily activity) to involve your customers in advertising your company business on-line, something that will earn them a daily reward. You write the adverts and your customers CLICK ON THEM!

* The reward (money to save or spend) can be compounded to grow into an eventual nest-egg… it’s addictive!!

* Your customers remain connected to you and have a further incentive to attract more friends and ‘PROSPECTS’!!

* ‘DIVI-UP’ is truly a win-win project

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