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I Want To Make My Fortune

Posted by Harry Wright on March 21, 2012
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There’s a very stupid person standing between you and your fortune – it’s either ME or YOU! So give yourself a chance and say, “I want to make my fortune”.

If it’s my fault, I have not yet shown you a system that guarantees you remarkable results with testimonials to verify it.

If it’s your fault, I have made the information available to you but you haven’t taken it on board!

Alternatively, you may not have realised that a relative fortune is easily within the grasp of most working people throughout the world. Now that’s a very bold statement to make by someone who isn’t sitting in the middle of a war-torn region with only a handful of rice to live on every day, but it IS true when you focus on that word ‘relative’.

It is true that a fortune to a poorly paid person might only be a mild increase to someone else – and even less noticable to a wealthy guy. However, looking at it the other way around, a fortune to a rich person is a massive amount (bigger fortune) to people on the lower end of the scale.

My proposition analysis is made on budget day here in the United Kingdom where different sides of the argument are battling out the detail and relative meanings of each contour of that budget. The rich are defending their gripe about £muti-million tax increases and the poor are whining about the loss of a few hundred pounds per year. This seems like a balanced budget from that point of view but the individuals it concerns are bound to see it in a somewhat conflicting way. Make sure that you give yourself a chance by looking at everything in context and remember… say to yourself “I want to make my fortune with Harry”.

The fact remains, whoever you are, you are closer than you think to being elevated out of your plight by a brilliant business model that started life in Canada and certainly treats everyone the same. Cutting across social and wealth-strewn boundaries, an Internet  company I know called Banners Broker is offering you the opportunity to invest in them for as little or as much as you can afford ($25 – $3,655). In return they will give you double your investment after a very short time (around four months) because they like to recognise investors helping the company to grow and they can easily afford to give you between 200-300 percent return on your investment (ROI)! The model allows you to repeat the cycle over and over thus providing you the chance to make a fortune over a couple of years.

Don’t let me stand in your way if you are keen to earn your fortune as quickly as possible; You are losing money daily if you are not engaged in some kind of growth fund. The amount you are losing is proportional to the amount you can afford to invest today – equal to the amount you could be gaining by going for it NOW!!

I hope that I have now saved myself from being ‘STUPID’ because I no longer stand between you and your fortune… over to YOU and remember to say to yourself “I want to make my fortune with Harry”… then click on this link to register before you go cold on the idea.

Contact me directly by email on harrywright1@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll help you get started with what has to be the best giveaway of the century… trust me , it really works and you can be my guest.

Best Business Network

Posted by Harry Wright on March 17, 2012
Posted in Make Money Online 

Facebook and twitter will be joining forces to start a new business network! It will be the best business network on Earth for small, medium and large businesses alike. Social networking will continue alongside to create a massively powerful new infrastructure. Google will be playing BIG BROTHER, integrated but doing its own thing!

We will call the business side BARTER and the social side BANTER. Barter and Banter will be so closely inter-connnected that they will often overlap with conversations, rather like it happens in real life. The main differences will be areas separated by password for ‘Barter’ business security and some aspects such as legal and financial control, leaving things such as religion and social change mainly in the ‘Banter’ box.

Every business will need to be a member or suffer the ignominy of being left out in the cold from growth and development. Being part of the best business network follows the well trodden path of business success in that business is all about serving and being involved with many people. That’s not to say there will never be a variation of this new network where some businesses will thrive, but it will serve as a strict instruction to those businesses who try to buck the trend of business democracy – the Barter Banter way!

History shows us that where there’s a need, there’s often a way of satsfying that need. The last two years of business finance/geo-political/social change has metaphorically and literally spilled the blood of many people which underlines the need for a new order of fair appraisal across the world. Populations will insist on their say in all matters concerning their treatment by businesses, governments and rulers. The dust has yet to settle on many more regions as people learn how to harness the pulling power of social media for grabbing the initiative; we’re seeing before our eyes every day on the TV just how much numbers count when they become organised on social networks before going to the streets!

Masses of people, swayed by their own assertiveness and sense of right and wrong, are linking up on twitter and facebook to conquer the injustices surrounding them. They are attracting influential bosses, politicians and religious leaders to recognise their techniques and tactics if not their beliefs. The ruling classes have just woken up to the need for finding a forum for putting things right rather than holding on to power in government and the boardroom for personal reasons.

Our heavily pregnant world society of social justice is about to give birth to a new saviour. A child of modern technology and business enterprise, a fair and friendly democratic global player. It will bring a high level of togetherness and creative talent, it will be a merger of male-type structures opened out as never before to accommodate the need to discuss boundaries of reality by men and women alike. At last, with this great transformation brought about by social media machines, we are about to recognise equality across business divisions and national boundaries.

Barter and Banter, our child of hope and freedom, will clear the way for a new age. You and I will be able to chat at will about our respective family interests while keeping an eye on the best that local and distant businesses can do for us. Let’s use our opportunities to reform attitudes like protectionism and inform business cultures towards fairer trading. We can do this while building up a war on spam and hype across the playing field.

Talking of playing fields, we will soon have this level platform to channel our open and global discussions about the Olympics and world sports. We will be able to further integrate sport with business through more sensible guidelines to carve out the rot and lead us towards global fair play. How about the massive, recent growth in online gambling with sport. Will we be able to monitor more closely and openly the goings-on around the cricket casinos? Will we be able to intercept more easily the ‘fixing’ of matches?

When will we experience this great occasion? When will we be able to click and discuss a major change or fine-tuning of, say, boardroom pay or government corruption without having to find a new set of ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ for the different subjects? Will it mean that we can click a link to Barter with Marks & Sparks as well as provide input to their food range? Will it allow us to reply to questions in parliament and link our views to the BBC or CNN? What about getting my business product to the search engine top rankings; will I score higher by being active in other social media areas and will that mean I stand a chance to compete against big business without having to pay my way to the top? If so, I like this idea of open social networking – more open and powerful than we have at the moment… a sort of team approach to global business and social justice, only competitive with its own credentials and performance.

There-in lies a challenge of course! How can such a body be kept in check from falling into poor repair or going slow from having no competition? What are the incentives to the network bosses, how will they know if they are keeping on course? ANSWER… the net-workers will be able to pass comment on all these matters, in fact they will be in the driving seat for most of the time and appoint the best people to look after our network business. Is it possible then to have such a brilliant service for all-comers and all subjects? Of course it is, we are so close to achieving that great goal. It only takes the willingness of wise business people and determination of social perfectionists to join forces and get hooked-up!