coffee 02The WHATs, WHYs and HOWs of Family Fortunes –

They can easily be learned if you are interested in earning equal to or more money than a doctor, banker or lawyer and you are prepared to allocate just 15 minutes of your day, without giving up your current job!


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I am just one of over two million members of a revenue-share organisation who have recently discovered these so called ‘secrets’ to success. We are not wanting to keep this to ourselves, in fact we are delighted to share the information, although it is not vital that we do in order to continue making this life-changing money, every day of the year.

In fact, you will see that your view about sharing the good news will be aligned with ours when you realise what it feels like to be given the keys to the vault.


Let me say right away, there really is no secret, this method of EARNING money is out in the open, perfectly legal and a sheer pleasure to be part of. We all want you to enjoy this win-win situation that has been set up to help everyone involved.

OK, let’s tell you about it… When did you last receive money, that’s payment for clicking yourAdvert Poster 3 mouse on an advertisement? Probably never! Well, this is what is needed to keep the wheels of modern industry turning. Every business needs to advertise and the Internet is growing to match the size and traffic of the off-line world. By clicking your mouse on an advert, you are showing that you have seen it and, a small percentage of us actually find the products interesting enough to buy something. However, the majority of us browsers simply look and don’t do any more!

As a result of clicking on advertisements you qualify for the advertising organisation to share out its revenue with all those who have clicked today. Actually, they share out the money in the pot EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY (including weekends)! Hence, us members receive cash every hour and the more shares we own the more we receive.


young people placing adsYou can own as many shares as you wish to buy when setting up your ‘Business’ – that’s completely up to you… from a single share (we call them ‘Ad-Packs’) to as many as you can afford @ $50 each or about £32.


The current earning **rate happens to be approximately $1.20 per pack per day, so [for example only] if you have,say, 20 packs you will be earning about 20 x $1.20 per day, or $24 per day. Obviously, the more shares you own the more you make daily. All you have to do to qualify for earning the revenue share-out from the company every day is to click on just 10 adverts… no matter how many shares you own, that’s all – and it takes no more than 10-15 minutes, depending on your broadband speed! The number of packs rises quickly because the recommended strategy is to buy another pack from your earnings each time your account earns over $50, and that can happen multiple times per day… easy-peasy!


Most of us on the inside are aiming to reach at least 1,000 packs which can take a couple of years to achieve if we start from just a couple of packs, but as little as 9-months for those who buy 100 or more – it also depends on how many followers you attract by introducing them to this opportunity of a lifetime (not really necessary).  We actually get 10% of all products purchased by introducing someone who joins this world-acclaimed, genuine earning machine. So, it is not unusual to read about people who have reached their target and start drawing a great income of over $15,000 or £10,000 per month, ongoing! Now they still only have to click on 10 ads per day to receive this life-changing income for as long as they wish.


That’s covered the WHATs and the HOWs… maybe you can answer the WHYs for yourself?The New Rich Brits Do It Best


It doesn’t take much to get on board with a FREE a account – you just fill in a simple form to receive your own website with all the guidance you’ll need to get started.


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 ** Disclaimer: Please refer to the company terms and conditions for                                                         rates and other details about earnings