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Empty Wallet Disease

Empty Wallet Disease... ”One of the greatest sources of illness on this planet is an EMPTY WALLET;

To reduce the number of people suffering from this dreadful disease, give them…  A CHANCE TO EARN AN HONEST LIVING!”

I’m not sure who first said that but it is an appropriate way of opening up the subject of personal poverty – wealth and health.

Ever since I was a little boy, I had this confidence that I could resolve any problem thrown at me… A raging dog flying at my throat could be dealt with by staying calm and swerving the body as if in slow motion to take the beast off balance, stealing a few milliseconds to grab hold of its jaws. The next part of the process was the subject of much thought and depended on the situation!

Less dramatic but equally serious challenges could always be solved with that same calm attitude and practical application of smart thinking. After All, if you believe in yourself and the history of David and Goliath, the rest is a matter of technique.

Illness and health can easily be related to poverty and wealth – both spectra have a splendid range of conditions, and most of the world’s population slide the scales during a typical lifetime. Not many individuals, however, manage to pause even for a few milliseconds to take stock, create a swerve and take decisive action for survival.

Too many people just don’t believe in their own ability or, maybe, haven’t read enough stories around the history of miraculous recovery. It takes a messenger or disciple of fortune to spread the word and make it stick. Even then, I find the level of caution exercised against a change in thinking is unbelievably high. A stubborn, closed mind is worse than a raging dog for the health of that unlucky victim. I would prefer to wrestle with the jaws of the dog than to force open the mind of a dis-believer.

Most of the whole world’s population crave good health and wealth. Perhaps fewer are keen on material wealth than those who seek physical and emotional health, but I would make a bet that we all want total freedom from poverty and all that it brings with it.

As I understand the global need for improved prosperity, I see that my role as an entrepreneur  will be to encourage as many employed and unemployed people as possible to consider a change in approach to individual, rather than corporate responsibility for their own health and wealth. I believe that everyone can make a massive difference to their own circumstances, simply by tuning in to the rising employment revolution or ‘Global Spring’ for the new Home-Working Economy.  Now, more than ever before, is the time for JOB CHANGE!

A new employment model based on people working out of their own home. This could be aggressively promoted and adopted between 2013 and 2020; Governments will be wise to engage in discussion and provide support for an ideas exchange, recognising and declaring the benefits to individuals and nations alike by changing our money system to digital currency… e.g. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Meaningful tax relief for an office-like environment within the home is just one area of improvement that needs to be addressed. Easy start-up schemes need to be revamped where people can get working from home without having to fear the pressures of setting up in a business. What we are talking about here is making the individual, who is prepared to make substantial change to their circumstances, feel supported and valued as a member of the national and global economy. They don’t necessarily want a business but they might want to operate within a simple structure where they can earn considerable income to support their family without having to fear losing half of it to the Government and legal infrastructure.

For the sake of balance I had better point out that the Government will, under such a new regime, be able to claim tax on earnings, whatever the type of employment undertaken. The main advantage to the state is that individuals who operate from home in the way I have proposed will be much more responsible for their health and income liabilities than they are currently; the level of cover needs to be agreed and would depend on the specific circumstances of individuals. The needy could have schemes operated on their behalf so that income is generated to provide health cover in the same way that everyone else’s income does. Think of the Government savings- a much better system!


Imagine, more evenly distributed wealth that creates more specifically targeted health treatment and the stress of commuting is a past memory! You could be one of the chosen few to make a start on the new system. You could demonstrate the power of earning a large income from online operations. Imagine fewer offices and the environmental benefits flowing out of fewer people jamming up the motorways; fewer accidents; huge reduction in Government spending on Police, Ambulance and Hospital activities; Less spending on motorway repairs, fuel and vehicle maintenance… the list is endless.

How does it work? Currently unemployed people are shown how to make 5 and 6-figure incomes online using fully legal and ethical systems

How is attractive income earned to retain members of this ‘Global Spring’? They are trained to set up and operate  personal accounts typically in the digital online Advertising Market and Financial Trading Market where established and secure organisations offer commensurate rewards for online traffic generation. A vital ingredient for online business, this website traffic is in constant demand… so is the income generated.

Where are there examples of it working? Entrepreneurs are working from home and contributing to the global economy in a big way. They provide for themselves adequately and proudly, often supporting and facilitating business within the local community. Given improvements to tax and legal frameworks mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs are the positive force and shining examples for job market change across the world. Few of these dynamic people suffer from empty wallet disease or many of the other problems associated with conventional work patterns.

What are Entrepreneurs looking for to help spread the word and increase personal wealth? They are always on the look-out for more opportunities to make money for themselves and to help others do the same which, in turn, often completes a virtual circle. The main core of these business-minded individuals are looking for increased Government recognition where they are invited to lead projects to help unemployed people into work. Much more can be done in this arena to stimulate an entrepreneurial culture and get current non-performers back to work, or into work for the first time.

I would be very happy if the local Job-Center sent candidates to me for entrepreneurial training and development. On completion of training, the candidates would be able to set up and manage an account for activities within a known growth business. They would be able to support themselves with a 5-figure income after approximately 9-months; the state would, from then onward, be free from support payments to those individuals and be able to collect commensurate tax from their earnings.

What’s needed to get started is a dialogue between Government employment staff and entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs would define and describe the proposition for increased online business awareness for unemployed people of all ages and backgrounds. Apart from helping individuals get off the unemployment list and into useful and meaningful employment, the initiative would also describe how it could help save the global economy by strengthening local business to generate the need for stronger national and international trade.

IN SUMMARY, the ’empty wallet disease’ could be substantially reduced by the introduction of this new EMPLOYMENT PLATFORM. It could lead to a healthier economy and many more HAPPY PEOPLE! The answer to this challenge could easily be…  CRYPTO-CURRENCIES… e.g. BITCOIN

FINANCIALLY SECURE Senior Citizens – healthier Santa Applicants…  never to suffer from this dreaded, EMPTY WALLET DISEASE again.

IMAGINE… a world full of Father Christmases;  PRESENTS for every child (and grandchild)!? A new system for everyone, young and old.

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