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How to Win Fortunes and Influence the Tax-man

Posted by Harry Wright on February 8, 2012
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The well-known book “How to win Friends and Influence people” impressed the world and it became the working template for millions who wished to understand the finer points of behaviour while forming personal and business relationships.

My territory of motivational communication is fashioned on the same basic principles; in fact I could not adopt anything beyond the scope of this masterpiece except for its application; turning its messages into guidance for how to win a fortune and Keep the wolf from the door!

Through centuries of human history we have learned how to behave and protect our interests against natural predators; how to take control over animals and humans alike. Indeed, how to persuade and influence anything and anyone to KEEP THE TAX-MAN HAPPY.

In today’s world, as if we become bored with a straight-line graph and crave exponential development, we have to compete against each other when acquiring valuable ‘Skills, Knowledge and Attitude’ (SKA). This impacts more and more thinking people who want to rise above the masses to earn that top 1% of incomes.

Here’s the ‘secret’ – there has to be a secret to buck the normal learning curve and to grab their attention… are YOU one of these? Anyhow, we have to tune in to our ancestors and study how they worked out an instinct for catching a tiger, (a) to stay alive and (b) to show off to the families gathered around the cooking pot! We have to go back before the Internet monster stood on its haunches and roared “In-for-mation!”

You will find this easy if you dig deep and trust your basic feelings; look inwards to your childhood days and remind yourself of your uniqueness… how and why you stood out from the crowd as a little person; compare your vulnerability then with your vulnerability now (for different reasons), you were unaware of what was coming down the learning track before you became drowned in that standard schooling for normal life and NO FORTUNE!!. Today, you are unaware of the challenges ahead of you to make it BIG – you possibly think it’s something to do with just working hard and having the right product… NOPE, it’s not that, it’s not much to do with everything else in the whole world apart from YOU and the difference you can offer and make to the millions of people who crawl out of the big washing tub of life.

Identify your differences and I’ll show you how to win. Work out WHAT you can offer people that is different from what other people are doing; Look at HOW you are able to present yourself and thus create a following… once you have a following, you have a potential fortune. Let me offer you some examples of what I mean:

  • You know that you are special (we all are), you are special in the way you think about detail and you notice the shape of things rather than accept that everything is either square-box shape or round! You also know that you are non-assertive, (always have been) and you don’t like any form of aggression; you also like bright colours.
  • Perhaps you are turned off (or on) by music; you love studying things to find out how they work and how they relate to other people in different ways.
  • Some people like the hype in advertising (unusual person), the loud noises associated with protest and the eccentric behaviour of some Rock artists!
  • Other people are unique in that they only see the side of the under-dog; they support the losing team and have a distinct caring nature for animals and disadvantaged children
  • Yet more people find comfort in reading… everything they enjoy comes from reading about it; combine this with a fanatical drive for using physical energy… like in the game of Rugby or American football.

All the above examples of differences between people are easily found in just one group of, say, 50 people who are able to use the Internet. This small sample will demonstrate the vast degree of difference we can offer to our future FORTUNE ‘BUSINESS’. It doesn’t have to be a conventional business, in fact if you can deliver your message without cloaking it in a business suit, all the better. Learn how to recognise and leverage your differences and you’ll realise how to win a fortune in life.


Now to un-wrap your talent; let’s assume your differences include:

  • A liking for studying people (people watcher),
  • A passion for fancy cakes and…
  • Your favourite colour is mauve.

You have the choice and the distinct advantage of creating a market for yourself in the recipe niche of catering. Perhaps your brand will include mauve signage and you could be creative by showing short video clips of people tasting an array of fancy cakes that you and your business partner have made. You sell recipes, your very own recipes …unique and adventurous, for special people on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries at any time they choose.

You have a website that displays a mouth-watering avalanche of fancy cakes. It suggests the naughty side of eating what you would love to get your hands on. All the attractive pictures and video clips are merely stroked with your quality colour brand and there is an interest in the exclusive nature of your site in the eyes, mouth and heart of every single visitor.

Your target audience is selected from facebook groups, you can decide the full demographics of your visitors simply by pressing a button for any characteristic you wish and you can immediately see how many prospective buyers you will attract to win a fortune… These wonderful statistics will point you towards your fortune if you have the desire to offer these people your DIFFERENCES or unique features. It’s there for the taking!

Whether or not you fit this example please don’t run away and set up your website on fancy cakes before clicking on this LINK Happy Reading

Just take your time, READ, LISTEN and LEARN… be prepared to earn a fortune. That’s enough to influence the tax man!

Meaning Of Additional Service

Posted by Harry Wright on January 22, 2012
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Last night I spent an hour or so replying back to very kind people who had bothered to send me a comment on my blog. I was humbled by some of the comments because I simply hadn’t realised that my posts were being appreciated so much! Thank you again to everyone who bothered to comment and provide me with additional service. Thanks also to all the other people who read my blog but who were either too busy or who just take these things in their stride and move on with their own life and business.

By commenting you obviously made me happy that someone found it worthwhile. Secondly, do you realise just how much of a service you are providing not only to me but to all the others who will benefit from my revived spirits? I will probably create more posts to reflect on your actions and to dig out a lot more information stored away in this old head of mine.

Additional service is something we can all give if we realise the value of it to our customers and ultimately back to ourselves. It’s not rocket science to understand this concept of giving before receiving; many of us do it out of pure pleasure. It seems to be the proper way to live and behave rather than to be giving only to get something back. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with giving of any kind, giving is a noble gesture if it helps other people… well, that’s my excuse anyway! Added service is when you go that extra mile, as we say; something we don’t have to do but it will help someone anyway. My example of this is when you go to a shop and ask for a specific product but the shop doesn’t have it in stock. The shop keeper appreciates your need and makes the decision to spend time describing where else you can get the product, even if is from a competitor… that’s additional service!

However, additional service in my own situation with a post on my blog could be when a reader bothers to give me, what’s called in the trade, ‘constructive feedback’. This could be negative feedback in the eyes of some but it is called ‘constructive’ feedback because the comment(s) will almost certainly help me in some way. It might stop me from upsetting some people, albeit unintentionally! The feedback might show me that I have left out some important points so I need to include them at a later time. Whatever the feedback, I am bound to benefit so I really do like to see your comments.

Applying this principle to the wider business world, we can all learn how to help someone who is expecting (and paying for) a quality service. It requires a little bit of extra thought around the provision of the service – not much thought and not much extra time. Perhaps we could put this additional bit into the category called ‘CARE’. Now care is something we all need at some times in our life. But how can you generate that precious feeling of care when you are simply doing your job of work? What is it that triggers the ‘care button’ inside you to activate that additional nice and meaningful behaviour? The answer must be INTEREST!

Taking an Interest in your customers costs you nothing and can bring you huge results in the long term. The interest you show in your customers, and we are all customers of each other, will definitely pay you high dividends. It comes right back to the old story of ‘people buy from people’. If you can show an interest in the person that you are connected with, that person will feel better and will more than likely buy from you instead of buying from the person who shows little or no interest. But that’s all common sense isn’t it?

Is it common sense to look at someone when they are talking to you? Is it common sense to show an interest by asking a person (customer) a courtesy question such as “Can I do anything else for you?” Is it common sense to use a little energy to smile when you are talking to the customer? Surely it is ALL common sense and we are all born with common sense… but how many of us use this powerful skill when we need to differentiate our own business from that of our biggest competitors?

This is such a simple skill to adopt; so simple that it can be associated with the instinct of survival, something we may have lost over time. I have learned that in 68 years of living on this planet Earth, to survive you have to get on with people whether in business or in everyday life. The stakes are too high to upset anyone when life is so short and there are so many new products on the shelf!



Ask Harry About Kindle

Posted by Harry Wright on January 18, 2012
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Over a year ago I discovered the Kindle Product on Amazon and thought it was fantastic. Since then I have followed its progress and there seems to be no stopping it. Best selling item on Amazon month after month, no doubt about its quality and popularity. More and more people want to write books for the Kindle Publishers, the world is going crazy about this wonderful e-Book reading device and MUCH more.


New versions are shooting off the production lines as admirers adopt their Kindle like a pet. Here’s the latest to date so make sure you keep up to date, especially if you are buying yours as a present.

Do you already have your Kindle or are you saving yourself for that special occasion? Take a look now in case you miss out on Kindle’s latest model – you wouldn’t want to be out of fashion would you?

Beautiful Body

Posted by Harry Wright on January 14, 2012
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Develop a Beautiful Body

Look, we all want a healthy body, but what can we do to get one?

Beautiful Bodies don’t grow on trees, nor can you buy them from a shop! This is probably the next best option; you can groom yourself from this excellent e-Book.

Do it in your own time, at your own pace – get to know yourself and your body before you start the transformation journey. It’s exciting, it’s life-changing and it really works… so get reading!

Grab this FREE e-Book to build your beautiful body

98 pages of pure facts and much more

Get started right away. You don’t have to wait any longer. Your dream
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How Many Millionaires?

Posted by Harry Wright on January 1, 2012
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That’s not “How many Millionaires exist?” Rather, “How many Millionaires will be created during this global economic downturn?”

Loads of people are looking for alternatives to the conventional ‘JOB’

They are finding such things as The Millionaire Society and giving it a go. They are aware that if they don’t join in they are not likely to reap any benefit… ‘bit like doing the lottery except that the chances of winning are MUCH higher with The Millionaire Society.

Working from home is not the only attraction; making a lot of money is the main appeal. Simply by having an open mind to ‘marketing speak’ and allowing the system to work for you – this is by far the best way to succeed. Becoming a number at home isn’t a problem providing it has a few zeros on the end!

How Many Millionaires does it take to make people wake up to the fact that earning money online is here to stay? The sooner we get used to money-making Internet techniques being a viable alternative to a secure job the better.

‘Ask Harry’ is hosting fashionable ideas about –  “How to make new millionaires during this depressed economy” http://tiny.cc/MillionaireSOCIETY … but the burning question is How Many Millionaires before we get bored with the title (if not the money!)?

Click 4 Wealth Programme

Posted by Harry Wright on November 22, 2011
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Click 4 Wealth is a personal wealth development series of articles aimed at helping ‘everyday people’ discover their own way to making a lot of money using the Internet (see below).

I say “discovering their own way” but you will find these articles lead you by the hand over a route that many wealthy people have been before you. It’s just that you will be able to take your time and feel comfortable about the pace you set. Actually, I’d love you to go at a brisk pace so that you realise the huge benefits more quickly but that doesn’t suit everybody.

Let’s take a closer look at the modules we’re going to cover. Listed below are the subjects and the flow of information laid out in a logical fashion so that you can assess your progress and be able to organise yourself to grow your confidence and income at the same time.

As you read through the articles, if you want a deeper explanation of what to do and how to do it, please call for help at any time using my cellphone: 44(0)7714 222 358. Alternatively, email me at harrywright1@yahoo.co.uk.

Modules Of The Wealth Development Programme

Are ready to get started on this FREE journey to your own wealth and riches?… Click4Wealth


Shopping for Money

Posted by Harry Wright on October 28, 2011
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Let’s go shopping for money at the most trendy mall of money shops, the Internet! We are here to find the best deal for making lots of money while working in our pyjamas!

It doesn’t cost anything to look around the Internet at who is buying what, in fact it’s one of the best ways to investigate what’s on offer and how you might fit into that marketplace.

Even at this early stage on your journey to become a millionaire you should be thinking about keeping your costs as low as possible. Research doesn’t have to be expensive. However, you should be prepared to keep your eyes and ears open around the new and growing wave of millionaires on the Internet- all made  rich from their bespoke products strategically placed in front of a vast number of eager buyers.

Interestingly, many of them are selling products and services (not always their own) to serve ordinary people like us who aspire to be rich too – many people are looking for how to make a lot of money so they can give up their boring day job as soon as humanly possible.

If you need a guide to help you find the precise thing you are looking for, we have a mutual friend called ‘Google’ who will direct you, tirelessly and free of charge. So follow the crowds of customers to where they are spending their money; online or offline, if there’s a big queue in the high street and it leads to one specific shop, that’s where you need to be. Find out what they are buying and, if possible, try it out for free.

Being a customer and having a customer’s eye-view of what’s on the market, what it looks and feels like, is very important. However, being the ‘shop keeper’ and selling your own products that suit those customers is much better for your bank balance.

Is the ‘make-money-online’ market niche the one you feel comfortable operating in? You have to feel good about your trade, and it must fit into your set of values and beliefs, otherwise you will not be proud or enthusiastic about your daily activities; the money you’ll make could possibly feel ‘dirty’ in some respect. Some people can live with that but, personally, I want everything I do to be above board and ethical, totally within the law and something I’d want to show to my friends and my mum.

Chris Farrell has an online business in the form of a membership club. He is definitely popular with mums and, for that matter, every other member of the family; he’s a role model for Internet Marketing millionaires, taking an interest in what we all want (easy money) and he applys his charm and undoubted marketing skills to create that win-win outcome.    Take a look at his website by clicking this banner

However, he’s not the only star player operating online within the ‘make money’ niche, there are many of them and they appear in varying shades of professional splendour, extending right across the world from Russia to the Philippines, from Beverly Hills to Birmingham. Millionaires are tumbling out of the sky! They all want to climb on the band-waggon and the good news is that there’s plenty of room for you to climb aboard.

The  number of Internet customers, people buying things online, is rising exponentially month on month, year on year. The range of products you can purchase electronically is virtually endless. This is a great sign for us budding Internet Millionaires who simple want to position ourselves between those hungry buyers and the best selling products, tailor-made for them.

OK, here’s an example of what thousands of eager people are looking for… products that help them make money online – JUST LIKE YOU!! Is that good news, or what?

Take a look at this banner below; decide what’s attracting people while they are shopping for money! Would YOU be tempted to look closer? Would you actually click on the button? If not, what’s putting you off taking that first step?  Does it look too technical or too flashy for your tastes?  Perhaps you are afraid to step outside your comfort zone? Take Action if you really want to find out how to make money from the Internet. There are so many opportunities just waiting for you to click on the right button for you.Yes, even the ‘click here’ button is designed to appeal to the most people in that particular niche…we call that research ‘split testing’!

I can tell you that Chris Farrell will take you by the hand and almost give you the money whereas others will not ‘mother’ you so much and leave you to discover the right path and right level to suit your needs and feelings. Do you want a challenge or do you simple want to be told what to do, when to do it and how? I would encourage you to just take a look, you’ll never know until you click and browse. However, be disciplined, don’t take hours!!

Please don’t get lost or forget to come back! This is just the start, I’ll still be here waiting for you to assess what you thought of the ride? We’ll take it from there.

It’s always good to have options when it comes to creating wealth. Here’s an option for you to consider. It takes you through a programme of learning how to become wealthy and stinking rich! Just Click Here

I shall be here to lead you into wealth footprints for years to come

Empowering Yourself

Posted by Harry Wright on October 25, 2011
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Empowering Yourself means taking control of something you have not had access to before. It means being given authority to act, to take responsibility; indeed to decide what you want from your life and having the power to make it happen.

Many people would like more love, some would like more freedom to express themselves and others would like more money. All three of these desires are quite easily obtained providing you understand how to empower yourself to get started. It’s the ‘getting started’ that puts most people off trying and succeeding.

Assuming you would like more money; Possibly the main thing that has put you off trying to reach for more money is that you have been able to muddle through without extra thought and effort. And that is where this ’empowerment’ magic comes to the fore.

You need to realise that you will die before you progress if you don’t understand the logic of time and change. “Time waits for no man (or woman)” This statement of fact should make you recognise the inevitable … something needs to change, let’s start with you!

Understanding what it takes to achieve that major breakthrough and where to find the knowledge – this is a major part of unlocking the gate to empowering yourself. You haven’t done this before so you will need to learn something first. Then you will need to ACT – do something to  break out from your comfort zone. Next, you will need to find support so that you don’t fall at the first hurdle and give up. The good news is just arriving at your door!

Three steps to freedom:

1. Learn that you need to change a little for your own benefit

2. Act to verify to yourself and others that you are on a journey

3. Seek support so as to maintain progress until you succeed.

How do I do this? You read the follow-up to this post (Einstein-Millionaire) and keep on track, learning solid facts about how to move on to the next step. Einstein was a theoretical physicist who changed the world. He did the thinking bit (plus lots of learning) before he acted to announce his out-of-the-box theory. Then everyone who understood what he was talking about supported him. That’s how he remains at the top of his tree.

Be prepared to make yourself capable of earning lots of money. Be prepared to suffer a slight discomfort while learning. Be prepared to act and ignore the temptations of an easy, do nothing life. Be prepared to enjoy the ‘New You’ and everything it will bring to you while you are empowering yourself.

Empower Yourself with guidance and support if you really want to make money online and follow in the Footprints of Millionaires

More Brits Working From Home

Posted by Harry Wright on October 20, 2011
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What does all this mean?

“The number of people working from home is rising, as people prefer to be their own boss and choose when they work”.

Setting up a home business or working from home seems to be a growing trend in the UK, according to research by Lloyds TSB Business Insurance.

Like preparing for war, millions of people are transforming their bedrooms, sheds, garages and even living rooms into work spaces and businesses.

There are currently 5.9 million businesses which are based in people’s homes in the UK, and more than 27% were set up in the last year alone.

Businesses range from computer consultancy, teaching and counselling to physiotherapy and gardening. More people are discovering that they can, with a little effort and minimal cost, set up an income stream to at least keep the family ticking over. Some are making a killing with Internet Marketing but it has to be said that many fail too.

The ones who succeed are those who prepare themselves properly by taking up self development to adjust from the corporate world. The smart ones don’t struggle alone but learn from those who have already found success in a chosen niche market.

Stuart Curtis, head of commercial lines at Lloyds TSB, said: “The number of enterprising people opting to turn their home into their business hub is set to increase over the next year as the recession continues to bite.”

Half of people choose do it to be their own boss, while some just want a change of career.

Two-fifths, or 40%, said they enjoyed the flexible working hours, while others said working from home made it easier to look after their children.

But it is not all good news – many admit they lose sleep over security and 11% say they are worried about their home being broken into because of their home enterprise.

Meanwhile, the number of households where no one has ever had a job has almost doubled in the past 13 years.

The Office For National Statistics said there are now 352,000 homes whose occupants have never worked, compared with 184,000 in 1997.

Inner London is the worst with 6.5% and the East of England has the lowest figure, at 0.5%.

Looking ahead, things on the financial front don’t appear rosey. It means that still many more will have to follow the trend of setting up shop in the small bedroom to stave off the biting cuts in incomes. To balance the books, it’s equally challenging for those currently in work as it is for those still relying on deminishing Government handouts. Those who have never tried working at all might be encouraged to try their hand at making money online.

Working from Home (but not alone) to help you Make Money Online: Teamed up with No.1 Online Services Provider Chris Farrell through http://www.footprintdirect.com

The Meaning of Service

Posted by Harry Wright on September 24, 2011
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‘Born to Serve’ … this strap-line suits me and my place in the meaning of service.

Born to serve

My Dad was a farmworker all his working life, looking after ‘shire’ horses and serving them well. In turn, they served him and all the benefactors of the crops they reaped. This approach is simple to understand but not quite so easy to employ in different situations.

It took me years of growing up to realise how important it was to adopt this leadership philosophy in business; I tried translating this into the meaning of service that worked for all my business stakeholders, including myself. I now realise that you don’t become an effective leader in anything unless you have been its servant in one form or another. Even many years of studying business management and seeking innovation didn’t, on its own, do the trick for me.

There’s a need for two distinct dimensions … seeking ideas and serving the cause when looking for the meaning of service. These two categories have given me an appreciation of ‘seeking the market’ and ‘serving the customer’ roles in business. I think I speak for many people when I say that it is  almost impossible to seek and serve to a high level at the same time. This means that to be successful in business (and life in general), we invariably have to share the overall load using other members and their teaming skills.

However, I’m reminded that “Nothing always works”! This is an old addage I came across after learning many different ways to skin the business cat. It refers to one of the laws of nature that suggests no matter how well you plan, something will confound you – a bit like  Murphys Law  “If something can possibly happen, it WILL happen when you least want it and expect it.” Even teamwork can come unstuck unless you have trained everyone for everything under the sun. That’s why individual team members of any business should be empowered to take the reigns when Murphy’s Law kicks in… it’s their business afterall!

Remembering the care and service aspects of my Dad with his ‘Shires’, I now realise just how instructive his lifestyle was on me. As I was progressing through the development stages of my business, Customer Service came out with the greatest need. “People buy from people”, I was told. “Not shops, websites or machines!” In this analogy, it’s the horses interraction with  the farmworker that really matters. The mechanical bits of the system usually work well, it’s the people bit that often needs attention and lots of lubrication.

I am now a willing and enthusiastic servant of my prospects and customers… I enjoy it too. No matter what, where or when something is needed to help them, I am only too pleased to serve and satisfy their needs. I ignore the need for sensitive and quality care at my peril. Afterall, when looking to me for the meaning of service, how could I expect any customer of mine to remain loyal, especially after a long, hard day … with a stone lodged in their hoof!

I am teamed up with the No 1 Online Service Provider (CHRIS FARRELL) at http://www.footprintdirect.com