By all means be cheerful and successful but don’t do all your own stunts… Outsource the things that expose you financially, that also impose constraints on your valuable time – But Don’t Be A Charlie!

Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin believed in running his whole show, he obviously enjoyed what he did and he thrilled every single one of his followers (customers) but he didn’t expect them to imitate all his traits, behaviours and results.


He was exceptional in his field and could just about cope with all it asked of him, but on-line marketing is not quite the taskmaster that drove Charlie.


Nowadays, we can pick up the telephone and have a ready made website peeping out from the Internet with our name on it in less than a couple of days. We can organise graphics and scripts, optimize viewers, create relevant videos and even see who visited your site, where, when and why!


You don’t need to do much yourself except manage and lead the process seamlessly – that’s where we have it over Charlie who couldn’t possibly have been in five places at the same time, could he!?

Don’t be a Charlie… Book yourself in for some Leadership Training (and 1-1 Coaching) so that you can run your own show and have your team working hard to perfect your business…

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