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Thank you so much for all your comments!

Recently, I have been distracted by many other projects so my contact with you has been minimal.

However, thank you for your patience while I am trying to find time to reply to your lovely and kind messages… they mean a lot to me.

I doubt if I will ever run out of subjects to write about so there is a long road ahead of us and I look forward to engaging a bit more with your own subjects, business or pleasure.

One thing I would like to mention at this point is that I genuinely want to help all my readers in one way or another. Perhaps I can help some of you by giving you original information to use on your own sites. Maybe you can draw on some of the stuff I write and apply it in your own life. Afterall, we ofter learn from each other and pass it on to the next generation.

I have a couple of boys, one aged 15 and the other is just 6. They are both learning things from me and from each other. I must say, however, I learn as much from them as they learn from me. One day I would love to see either one of them follow in my footsteps and attempt to serve a range of people in whatever they can.

Back to your feedback on my pages and posts, I am determined to gain more momentum with my practical support posts. I would like to think that you are indeed appreciating the style of my scribbles but I really want to hear that you are earning money directly as a result of following some guidance in my site. Banners Broker is a definite subject that you should take on board… it will change your life beyond recognition and it won’t take an age.

Please use my private number 44(0)7714 222 358

or email me on: harrywright1@yahoo.co.uk

You can even send me a proper letter but make sure you don’t put it in the bird box(the one on the right)! It would be great to hear from you. Send your comments to

26, Birkdale, Warmley, Bristol BS308GH

Meanwhile, keep on commenting and tell me a bit more about yourself