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thinkingWhenever you need something URGENT (Like money);

Whenever you’re not sure about something (The perfect offer);

Whenever you see a list of benefits (very convincing);

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To save you from wasting money in the first place,

Being disappointed with a purchase and having to

Worry about getting a refund, take a look at the

Experience invested by many others (including myself);

Take our word for it that we have fallen into the very

Same traps that you could be just about to tumble into, HEAD-FIRST!!

Here is a list of helpful tips and tricks to guide you

And to save you from dispair!

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green_checkThe chances are that you will not be actually looking for this offer but you willProducts galore 1 discover it through an advertisement you happen to be passing, or clicking on by accident.


green_checkYou will be attracted to the video in one form or another… e.g. the presenter or the presentation appeal. It will tease you into nodding your head or saying “YES” out loud.


green_checkRemember that ALL presentations are designed to be POSITIVE and they are notDads Good bad and indifferent likely to tell you the negatives at this stage, if ever!


green_checkHowever much you are falling in love with this offer, presented by this very convincing presenter, even if the presenter is a natural and ordinary person like yourself, keep in mind that you do not have the chance of asking even the simplest of questions at this stage. In fact, you will not be able to ask questions or challenge the set-up in any way until you have already bought!


green_checkNevertheless, you feel that there is nothing at risk while you are just observing. YouLove it or hate it want to see the presentation in full and, of course, you are in your protective and sceptical mode. That makes everything in the world safe as far as you are concerned.


green_checkRemember, you didn’t ask for this, you came upon it by accident. That means you are possibly wasting your time, if not your money. ASK YOURSELF…Could you be doing something much more important at this time? Could you possibly switch over to another tab in your browser and leave this video for later, even though it is telling you there is only ONE product left!!


green_checkLook, they are all similar in that they want you to make a quick decision… “BUY Rubbish ProductsNOW” and all that marketing encouragement!! Believe me, there will be a product left for you even if you went away for a cruise around the Indian Ocean, TWICE! So don’t be rushed into any decision, especially if it involves your money; especially if you haven’t yet seen the product in the flesh!


green_checkOkay, you have gone too far and you have just about made your decision to buy… here’s a little test for you and the promotion: Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button (that’s ok, you haven’t made an irreversible decision YET). Where has it taken you? If it has taken you straight to the payment page, check out the prices and taxes and look for any repeat sales in small text. Is there the chance of paying in your preferred way? If all is looking good for you… PLEASE DON’T BUY YET. In fact click on the ‘X’ to exit the purchase and the whole presentation… important step!


green_checkNext, check to see if it begged you to stay or gave you the chance to stay on that Whats the difference CARSpage or even to offer you a price reduction. At the very least you should be looking for a price reduction on the offer. If you are not offered a price reduction, just the chance to watch another video, then take a quick browse and walk away if it is not holding your attention. Product launchers often try so many different ways of keeping you engaged but reduce the glitze on the second or subsequent text or videos. Maybe this is MORE appealing to you? At least you have shaken the tree in the hope that a different approach is made to convince you. Round-1 to YOU!


green_checkThis little trick of clicking ‘X’ can often bring the price of a product down from say, $47, to $37, then $27… even $17 or less! I have been offered ZERO cost on a number of occasions!!


green_checkThat may seem to be the answer to all your dreams BUT… there will be a jolly good reason for offering this ZERO option. It usually means that you are entering a dangerous state of purchase! Yes, take a quick look at the payment details when you press the magic button and you will see that within about 10-days you will have exhausted your FREE TRIAL period. If you are not very careful You will be signing up to the very highest price EVERY MONTH, like £97 per month, instead of that ‘all-time best offer’ of $47 one-time payment.


green_checkNaturally, you will buy a product occasionally where everything is above board… the TRUST 6seller will use this tactic to sway you towards a sale. That’s fine and you will appreciate the openness and honesty surrounding the sale. However, you should always be aware of the rogue seller who will play on the selling credentials in order to flog a pig in a poke!


green_checkgreen_check“LET THE BUYER BEWARE!!” – (my motto)

i.e. Check Out My Check-Out-List!!


Following the guidelines above should help you become a happier

and more decerning customer of the best products offered on-line.

It is better to have money for the good products as a result of

by-passing the worst, than to have no money for anything else

when you have a pile of junk going rusty and dusty on your hard drive!!


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