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Timing is Everything

Timing 02Timing is Everything when it comes to winning against the odds!

How much sweeter is a victory when the winning goal in soccer or the winning try in rugby is achieved in the last minute, or even the dying seconds of the game?

In personal life we have victories and the same feelings working at homeexist when we come from behind, having been in a poor situation for too long, to snatch the glory of achievement from the teeth of failure and the devil!

Today, we are almost certainly talking about our personal financial situation against a background of misery and frustration in the home; no money to pay for more than the basics in life. Today we are looking for some kind of stand-off between the national or global players in the allocation and distribution of wealth across the world.

The match is just about to start. It’s them and us again! The big fish who control the purse-strings and the rest of us who have to tolerate the brutal cuts in basic allowance; the stranglehold on loans to entrepreneurs in small businesses who simply want to fight a battle for survival without the smug gestures from ‘authority’ types. On paper we don’t stand a chance. This game, however, is not all over in the first five minutes, we are going to take it to the last corner or penalty!

Come on lads (and lasses), let’s give ’em a run for their money; let’s pull together asEntrepreneurs 04 we have never done before. Team up and get our timing right. Let’s make sure we pool every ounce of energy to find a positive solution to this battle, a win for common sense in the war against relative poverty amongst 90% of Earth’s people.

The timing couldn’t be better because we smell the putrid stench of corruption in the air. This can’t last for more than a single battle, a battle that we have to win if we are to hold our heads high as human beings. This battle is all about fairness, red-tape and support from the power players and we are going to take the game to them – these are our proposals…

1. Allow and enable ordinary, working class people to break the mold of JOBs and being held to a ‘Master-Slave’ relationship before we can take home a sensible income.

2. Empower the people to have influence over their domestic well-being,  time flexibility and drive location (working from home).

3. Encourage, motivate and support the wealth makers to generate unlimited earnings.

4. Free-up restrictive laws and old fashioned practices regarding, for example, the strangle-hold on business taxes and planning permission.

5. Let the entrepreneur breath freely and establish the oxygen of financial success. Trust the individual to be open and honest about earnings… trust breeds trust!

Entrepreneur at workNow is the time to start a new relationship – we are calling for more openness and obvious support of us wealth creators in this country and across the world. In exchange for greater transparency and less political corruption of our personal freedoms, we, the entrepreneurs, will demonstrate individual and social responsibility in that we will ‘learn to earn’ and distribute an even spread of prosperity throughout our local populations.

It’s common sense to us and many more, I trust, of those slaves to a fixed income, fixed lifestyle and fixed ambition. We know that when this battle is over and the war is won against opression, we will celebrate by upholding every promise we make about self determination, self discipline, self regulation and self satisfaction.

The timing of this major push, to conquer what I consider has been a century or more of supression, coincides with the final match between Wales and England in the Rugby Six Nations Championship. With all the dramatic build-up we expect and the forecasts flying from Cardiff flag-poles, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Dragon was likely to fight a bloody battle only to be overpowered  by the Lion of England.

Drawing that analogy between the ultimate prize of the Six Nations and the equallyWales vs England 01 desired ‘liberation’ trophy sought by entrepreneurs across the globe, I have to say there is a similar sense of nervousness in th air. It’s not untill the swords are drawn that the true spirit of determination is realised. The final blows are aimed, received and then we can see who is still standing as the clock shows “TIME – UP”.

Wales won by a great margin in the end! Entrepreneurs should now be able to go about their business with great pride, knowing and feeling that what they do is equal to, if not better than, any other system in history.

On reflection, there wasn’t pressure over timing, but we were not to know that in the heat of battle. However, had we not prepared our case and pitched into a life threatening  skirmish when we did, we might not be here to celebrate. More likely, we would be still under the cosh of financial intimidation for centuries to come. In this case it was our planning that was perfectly timed. So it’s true… Timing is Everything.

DaredevilSo, as entrepreneurs, let’s go forward and work from our own homes in a flexible way; we’ll drive hard our unfettered abilities to bring our families much more income. We will spend this income on our basic needs plus some new found luxuries to further stimulate the economy. In turn the Government of the day will exercise less control over our earning framework and issue fewer notices to drive our efforts underground. We will enjoy the fresh feeling of openness and we will pay our dues in a timely manner.

Like Wales, the under-dogs… Let’s Give It a TRY (or two)  – Sorry England, Maybe next season!!

We are different… We take risks, live by the consequences of our actions …       We are Entrepreneurs and pride ourselves on EFFECTIVENESS and EFFICIENCY through EXPERT  TIME MANAGEMENT  Click-Here- RED