Balance SheetA Six Month Income Review is a major step on the road to success city!


You won’t always feel like checking your income because it is either unnecessary – you already know that it is well up on the previous check, or you don’t particularly want to know because you fear it is down! Whatever your feelings or intuition, there is no substitute for measuring the facts in an honest fashion.


If you have just started in your own business and you are just getting to grips with theQuote TIME management of processes and the long hours needed to get all your plans up and running, you will know that things like measurement of performance is a necessary part of the whole jig-saw. It is a vital element of growth and a satisfying part of your own motivation, positive or negative! This is where you are hit with the challenges of building on your strengths and/or overcoming your weaknesses.

So, let’s get started. You need to do this and it will make you feel better when it’s completed, whatever the result.

Here’s a bit of fun to help you get started and keep up the routine of measurement…

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