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Five Solid Tips For A Better Life

Five Solid Tips For A Better Life

Nothing prepares you for life until you hit the buffers. It’s then that you realize just how bad things can get and what a miserable world this can be.

I remember my ‘Buffers’ moment when drawing out my last $5 from the ATM cash machine; nothing was going to replace the $5 and it would be a long time before I could understand what life was dealing me. Some people have it really bad, much worse than my experience and there’s nobody to turn to. Nothing in the world can make you smile when that dreaded moment hits your inner self; nothing, that is unless you are receptive to certain blessings that are actually waiting to be found. The first one I can make you aware of is the caring voice of a real friend.

A real friend doesn’t have to be someone you have known for a long time or even a close relation to you. He or she could easily be a complete stranger; indeed, someone off the street. There’s something special about meeting a stranger when you are down. There’s no need to be careful what you say about your situation, the new listener is doing just that – LISTENING! They are not likely to run off and tell your boss or your wife, they are too occupied feeling privileged for being allowed into your confidence.This tip to find someone to talk to about your crash, love life or business is based on the old principle of ‘A trouble shared is a trouble halved’!

My next tip is for you to make a plan. It can be a plan for anything from financial survival to financial independence; from heartbreak to happiness or from prison to pop-star. The important thing is to apply yourself to something constructive and there’s nothing more constructive than a plan of action when you are down in the dumps. Plans need not be complex or lengthy, they just need to be thought through and WRITTEN DOWN. If you don’t write down your plan and keep it handy for reference, you will forget the detail for sure. It’s a form of discipline to keep you occupied and out of danger from the slippery slope into depression.

Number three of my five solid tips for a better life is the best advice I can muster for someone who has come off the rails while travelling through life at full speed. We can all  imagine a gradual decline in fortunes towards a crash, but what experience do we have of helping someone who has been a business high-flyer, only to end up suddenly sleeping on the streets? It’s this situation I would like to recognize here. Remember the saying ‘The higher they climb the further they fall’… it captures the truth of this scenario. My tip is to take on board the previous two tips and then remember you have been able to climb in the past so it’s a matter of restoring your confidence to climb up again. My little boy would say “You can do it”! OK it’s my way of trying to motivate you but it is important to know which way is UP. The biggest danger here is to overcome that disorientation from spinning off your life, FAST.

My fourth nugget is to learn a bit about metrics. Yes, it sounds a bit technical in the context of misery and shock but that’s precisely why I suggest something to engage and occupy the old grey matter! To find something to measure will give you something to look forward to. No matter if it is only the date or the day of the week it will be a start and, depending on the circumstances, could be theraputic at the least or even motivational and life changing. If you are able to cope with numbers such as those connected with earnings, cost savings or even chance, probability and risk, I suggest you have a go at writing down your thoughts about it. You don’t have to be an expert to draft out your own version of the plan towards recovery. What about a simple table where you draw columns with titles such as Date (1-31), Weather (Sunny/Wet/Windy), Mood (Miserable/ Stable/ Cheerful), Money (Up/ Down/ Level). Leave the next column as wide as possible and label it ACTION?. My tip is to keep it going for at least a month and then look back to recognize any patterns towards improvement.

Fifth and final tip in this round of guidance / support is to pull the other four tips together and put into action your positive discoveries i.e. ways to feel better and how to recover bit by bit. You will need to work out what caused your downfall if you didn’t already know and to be brutally honest with yourself… admit your failings and recognize your strengths. You should also register your degree of mis-fortune or bad luck but please make sure that you build into your recovery plan an allowance for good fortune too! These modifiers should be written down alongside your plan(s) to add an element of life’s natural ways of levelling our playing field. Revise your plans in the light of one month’s worth of ‘survival training’, making sure you adopt a positive attitude about getting back on your horse, train, aeroplane or whatever you fell off at the start.

Life’s natural laws have played a major part in my own life’s fortunes and I respect them enormously. One that comes to mind is Sod’s Law, the essence of which states that if something CAN happen, it WILL happen! I believe that a variation of Sod’s law is Murphy’s Law which adds important adjustments like… and it will be when you least want it or expect it to happen!! If we accept that these laws apply to us all, perhaps we should prepare ourselves by making allowances for the future in line with the Five solid tips for a better life.

Totally unable to resist a plug for my favourite lifestyle uplift, I would like to add my MONEY-MAKING CLUB as my SIXTH TIP to help you rocket to recovery. Although it’s another story, it’s a wonderful story; a gift from heaven for those of us who have seen the worst that life can throw at us and have come through it to rise to the top again!

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