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New Ways To Earn Money…

Extra Income

Extra Income is what most of us want – Is that True?

Whatever your current situation, I know how
to help you get more money.


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Extra Income For You


* Working or not,

* married or single,


* young or old…


* I can help you.


Time always plays an important part in earning income so we are looking for more income without having to spend a lot of time earning it… RIGHT?




I take it you would be happy earning a few more Dollars or Pounds, Euros or (whatever your currency might be) every day?


Here’s a simple plan that works for most people:


Earn a small amount of extra money from about three different sources, I’m talking about $25 or £17 per day from each. That makes enough money per month to pay for something important such as the mortgage and/or car payments, even a fantastic holiday every three months!! Think about it; £50 per day is £1,500 per month or, if you are in Dollars, $75 per day is $2,250 per month.

What could you do with that amount EVERY MONTH, spending only about 1-2 hours per week to maintain? I will show you what I do to make money… the easy way!

MY FIRST SOURCE is MAPs – a brilliant PASSIVE income system. By far the most popular money machine in the world today, MAPS or ‘My Advertising Pays’ does just what it says on the box… it actually pays you cash for advertising your business or any affiliate offer with them!

MY NEXT SOURCE is CHRIS FARRELL so easy to follow him and make money. You cannot fail to like Chris and to learn from his brilliant presentations.

MY THIRD SOURCE is Ad-Click-Xpress a company with, innovation and powerful, money-making techniques in the ON-LINE ADVERTISING marketplace.

All three sources of easy income above are highly ethical and fully legal… I would never deal with any business that was not above board. After clicking on the websites above, take a look around each site and get a feel for the type of business I’m working with.

Please NOTE, I do not do the core business of each company… I simply join them to support their operation for which they REWARD ME. The rewards for doing this VERY SIMPLE activitiy is highly paid. Believe me, there is no effort and it is easy to learn with my help. I will help you every step of the way… until you are earning good money.

Let me give you an estimate of your future earnings, based on my own experience and my ability to help and support you as my referred team member. Within 3 – 6 months you could be earning at least £2,000 ($3,000)

EXTRA income per month … how does that sound to you? You will be earning from month-1 and, depending on your interest and commitment, your earnings will grow day by day until you decide you have enough REGULAR EXTRA INCOME.

From my own experience of learning all about each opportunity, I wish I’d had someone to hold my hand to get started. After that, I was highly motivated and it is now very easy for me to understand. This is why I have chosen earning money online as my latest career.

Until I was 65 years old, I used to help major corporate organisations make the transition from old to new performance: I was a Change Management Consultant and I operated throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. It was very interesting to see how large companies tried to accept change in their business through their workforce of people. Now I help individuals go through similar change to achieve a better lifestyle… I still use the same skills and understanding of people. However, I prefer doing what I’m doing since my retirement – I have been through precisely the same change as you are likely to experience now. I will not let you fail if you want to earn EXTRA INCOME.

Assuming you are interested, please tell me which of the three sources of income you would like me to help you with. I will give you Personal and Private guidance via email.

Just send me an email saying “I AM INTERESTED” and I will reply and we can take it from there: Here’s my email address: harrywright1@yahoo.co.uk

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