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Or struggle towards ‘average’ as the world marches on!


Today is the start of a NEW PHASE in my online adventures…

I’m calling it “CHANGE and BE HAPPY”



Every new day brings CHANGE, even if that change is in small, incremental steps.

Why do many people dislike change? Is it because of the unknown outcome;

Is it because it requires a little bit of effort?P1010328

Getting up on the stage is daunting for most people, even professionals get nervous…

BUT think of the benefits once you have done it!!


Look at the confidence of my little six year old son who risked his neck high above the roof-tops to conquer a grueling challenge at Bristol Zoo… similar to other young people after they have cracked the code for performing to thousands at an outdoor musical event!

After reading some very nice comments [thank-you] about my pages and posts over the last year or so, I have decided to give you, my classy readers, more of what interests you.

So please note that this page is different from many of my previous pages in that it covers more diversity than either making money or attending to your health and fitness.
I’m going to CHANGE from churning out a few hundred words of interest about money and health, to a few more words about related topics with focus on Personal Development plus specific challenges and specific solutions to match.

An example of my new approach might be the topic of personal respect and how it could certainly impact your life and your income through your job or business results; from school behaviour to  marriage, professional achievement, health, business sales and, dare I say it, “the tax man!”

I’m not here to preach to anyone but I would like to reflect my own experiences toward helping masses of people who, although rich in their own lives, may not have had the opportunities I’ve had in my three score years and (9.3)! With at least four careers under my belt, I feel that I want (and need) to pass more of it on to you.

Personal Development then: I taught many thousands of people from the corporate world of business from 1986 through to 2008 across a professional, cultural and geographical landscape, the finer points of what constituted ‘development’ in a wide range of topics from communication skills to time management and top team performance. It would be a pity for me to hold all that stuff back when you might be able to use some, or indeed, all of it as you go about your relatively new lives.

Getting on with it… Ask yourself “What do I need to succeed in my current life-project?” “What IS my biggest challenge and could it be more to do with ME than the project itself?”All Change

“ALL CHANGE!!”  (rather like a train coming into the station)

Please choose YOU rather than your project

I’ll choose “Adopting a Positive Attitude”

This will undoubtedly require some change by you, so be prepared and ready for action…

What is your “As-Is” situation? If you are working most of the week and you want to leverage the few minutes you can muster at the end of each day to help you gain more confidence in your work, then think about what ‘confidence’ really is and what it means to you and possibly to your boss and peers.. Don’t just wait for things to happen without planning a development path and sticking to it.

Consider what these work colleagues have already said about performance in general and about your performance in particular – your previous appraisals might be a good start. Then weigh up the possibilities of you being ‘noticed’ if you put some effort into just a couple of performance challenges. e.g. Timing or Values (accuracy, money, appearance).

Personal DevelopmentNext, choose one of these performance figures that you will find easier than the others… plan how you can make it happen. Spend a few minutes writing down your ideas on how YOU can do it while all the other colleagues are watching the world go by. Put in a little extra effort each day and see the difference as a result of putting your action plan into top gear- go for it!!

Now, be sure to record what you were doing before, and observe the differences each day. Recording results is a great performance enhancer. Measure your results and when (not if) your performance improves, celebrate your achievement by doing a dance or whatever turns you on!

Believe me, your colleagues WILL notice something, if not immediately, then over a couple of weeks. It’s a bit like losing weight, if you stick to a new routine or diet for at least two weeks, you will lose weight and other people will tell you that something has changed!


OK, you have been through a little process of discovering what to change and how to make the kind of change you will be pleased with. There’s not much more to personal development apart from the decision making and the discipline to keep up the momentum.

Actually, I make it sound easy but it takes effort and time to achieve anything meaningful. However, you are ahead of all your rivals because you are HERE, studying the subject and applying it in your daily life. Think about how important this subject is if you are in line for promotion or thinking of starting an online business to supplement your current wage?

Change What you CanWe will be building on the progress you will soon be making, so keep your eyes open for a second look at the personal development field when I sound the alarm about Emotional Intelligence, a hugely powerful subject that I can certainly help you with.

Meanwhile, please feel free to discuss and share this post with your friends… I could do with  more traffic coming to this website – that’s why I’ve decided to CHANGE and BE HAPPY



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