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Ask Me How I Made This Blog Site

It all started way back in 2011 Planning Business Idea

I was thinking about HOW to use the good skills taught to me by Chris Farrell. If you know of Chris, you will know that he helps thousands of people who have absolutely no previous experience create a website and start operating online within a few short days!

I have to say that he is the world’s N0.1 at helping people (just like us) get started online. He maintains that if something is ‘learn-able’, you can do it with a little bit of help from him. He is a perfect gentleman and a wonderful example of how to behave across a wide range of training and coaching challenges. He used to be a presenter for Radio Heart in London so he has the public communication skills and experience but he has a lot more than that. I strongly recommend that you join his membership site if you want to benefit from all he has to offer.

So, I had the broad knowledge and skills to create a website and to get it online. However, I wanted to learn all about WordPress because it has a great reputation for reliability, versatility and ease of use.

The first step was to use Chris Farrell’s membership fee to provide me with free hosting. I value my membership so I don’t have to fuss about getting alternative hosting.

Next, I knew about his membership site c-Panel (dashboard). This is a common feature of many hosting sites but they don’t all have what I needed – the quick, simple download and installation of the WordPress software. This is recognized by the Fantastico smiley icon.
Fantastico De Luxe

Fantastico De Luxe is an amazing cPanel/PHP based Web application. It integrates with c Panel and gives you and your clients the ability to automagically install below listed popular Open Source Applications. With Fantastico the installation procedure of all of the following scripts takes only seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up MySQL databases, importing structure, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with installations:

Couple laughingAnyway, by clicking on this icon your WordPress download and installation  can be completed within 2-minutes! Without this Fantastico icon you could be struggling for … let’s just say “much longer”!

For specific detail of how to do this and all the fields you have to complete, please go to Chris. He has a video all ready for you to get started. It’s a great way to work because you can pause the video at any time and allow yourself to catch up with Chris’s guidance. He really makes it look FUN… and it is!


Right! We must now assume something – that you have been able to set up the basic canvas of the website/Blog you wish to create. Now is the time to play! Play about with all the knobs, bells and whistles of WordPress. Again, make sure you allow yourself freedom to view videos of how to drive WordPress. You can get a number of these from many different sources but … yes, you’ve guessed it, Chris Farrell has all the videos you can imagine. Just use them for learning all about WP.

From here onwards I’m going to suggest to you that your blog is simply an electronic version of the one you could make on paper (except it wouldn’t be a blog from the definition of Blog = Weblog). Your own creativity and effort to fiddle text and pictures into place is very much a labour of love! This is what I do when I want to prepare and publish a new page or post.

THINK OF YOUR READERS and ask yourself “what is it they might appreciate?” in line with the Entrepreneur at worktheme of your Blog. In my case it is Health and Wealth which gives me a huge range of topics to juggle with. Let’s assume I dream up the subject of ‘Dreams’! Now, I need to be creative so… take a look at this link: Dream. Alternatively, Dream again I can’t teach you creativity but it is good to pick up some examples on the way.

The arrangement is up to you, the content needs to be from the heart or wherever the experience came from within you. In other words… Make it your own! I happen to be lucky in that I have had many careers and I’ve traveled about to work in many countries and situations. I have also met thousands of interesting people on the way. At my age I consider myself fortunate to be interested in the cutting edge skills and knowledge needed to impress on the world how important it is for everyone to be given the freedom to think and act for themselves. Have conviction, make a strong point occasionally and then make sure you return to being friendly and altogether ‘with’ the reader. You will then be considered as an authority and a possible thought leader in your chosen subject.

In every story there is a need to toss in the occasional link. It can make the subject more interesting with a bit of diversion but try not to smother your text with links otherwise your poor reader will be distracted too often to concentrate on the main theme.


Talking of ‘theme’, you are aware of the theme being used here on my website/Blog and many of you have commented on it’s pleasant appearance, ease on the eye and versatility of menu structure. I can only say that I chose it from the selection of options given to me when I wanted to update from the WordPress ‘given’ one. So, get out there and find a theme that suits you in all respects, there are thousands to choose from.

My Website is a living, breathing part of me now! It will change just as I change from time to time. What I hope for is that it will grow with me in business. Every day a new product or service leaps from the shadows and, as an entrepreneur, I will always want to examine it and share any news with my readers, especially if I can help them in the fields of Health or Wealth.

Happy DonkeyRegarding the making of money from my site, I consider it as a bonus compared with creating the content and receiving feedback. There is no doubt that it is good to make money but financial reward must follow the enjoyment and satisfaction of the read. The way I make money here is to tell you about the opportunities I have discovered along the way. Then I link the readers up to my own affiliate links to follow in my footsteps e.g. Following in your footsteps

If you ask me how I made this blog site attract new people, I would tell you that I try to make it worthwhile to everyone; young and old, student or casual reader, techie-geek and business enthusiast. The theme of wealth and making money online takes care of most types of people – we all want more money! However, I like to remind the readership that money isn’t, in my view, the be all and end all of life. Maybe I try to bridge across subjects by suggesting that there are gods of money and good health – only approachable through helping others achieve what you are longing for yourself!

Can you tell that I enjoy writing? Well, it comes from the result of placing a simple ‘plugin’ on my blog. The one I’m talking about is the ‘comments’ one that pops up at the very end of each post and page. It gives you the chance to say what you feel about the world and possibly about my writing! Yes, I receive thousands of comments and most of them are very pleasing to me. Very generous people are bothering to write something about their experience of reading my words.

I receive some constructive ideas and I receive some trash, but the overwhelming majority are favorable and motivational. It kind of makes up for the fact that I have never read a book for pleasure in my life! I have read many thousands of technical reference manuals and briefing scripts but, as a child, I was not brought-up with books in the house.

Well, you have heard all about this Website/Blog from beginning to end. There is probably much more I could say about it if you were to ask me, then I could have an excuse for going into much more detail! I’ll spare you that level of scrutiny for the moment but don’t be surprised if you find another version of this post springing up on, perhaps, one of my other fifteen sites! No, I don’t cut and paste from other places, I just keep writing, day-in and day-out.

Finally, I should comment on the quantity and quantity of posts/pages plus the navigation library of giftsneeded to find what you are looking for. Quality is down to things like sincerity and thorough proofing, attention to detail and a flair for blending the on-screen spaces with careful choice and positioning of supportive media like pictures and videos. Quantity is more subjective in that what’s enough for one is too much for others. I have decided to start off with little and then provide more of what is requested. I am starting to write more and more frequently but I don’t wish to flood the pages with text for the sake of telling you what you can easily find elsewhere.

Please note that the MENU on the left side, running from top to bottom is a list of PAGES (not posts) that I have to re-arrange according to subject status and interest re: Wealth and general matters. The ARCHIVES on the right of the page give reference to POSTS (not pages), mainly about Health subjects and other spurious subject matter ranging back to the very beginning of this Website/Blog in September 2011. I have tried to balance the POSTS with PAGES – I don’t know why because there appears to be little difference between POSTS and PAGES technically. With this theme arrangement, however, most people spot the pages before they see the posts hidden in the archives.


That’s it, my answer to: Ask Me How I Made This Blog Site – See you on the next PAGE that I publish or, perhaps we can meet secretly behind the MENU or among the ARCHIVES!!

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