Missed You 1Every four weeks I travel 150 miles (each way) to pick up one of my sons for his regular weekend visit to meet me and my current family. My first words when we meet are invariably “Missed You”! That’s on the Friday evening at the start of the weekend.

Naturally, it happens again when we travel back on Sunday and return to his regular home… his mum (my ex-wife) greets him on his return with “Missed You”! Missed You - get you next time!


You know, although you are NOT part of my immediate family in Bristol or even part of Harrison’s regular family in Nottingham, you are missed too!

Yes, when I get back from all the driving up and down the network of motorways, I sit in front of my computer and feel like saying to you, “Missed You too! Believe it or not, it’s true!

You see, when you have a list of subscribers to send your emails to every day; when you try to understand their needs and their interests, what makes them laugh (even cry) or what makes their eyes pop, you actually feel that you KNOW those people (that includes you). So, if I can’t create my daily newsletter on time due to traveling, I actually miss the occasion and (of course)… I Miss You too!Missed You - London

There’s definitely a growing relationship with a percentage of people on my list – not with everyone though. Everyone on my list actually signed up for a reason, but human nature and 101 different distractions make it so that only about 5% (at most) go on to achieve their goals.

How strange, I don’t really know you but I feel that I do when I’m writing my newsletters to you… I feel there’s a kind of magnetism between us when I desperately want to help you succeed and you really NEED someone (me) to help you achieve financial freedom?Missing You - Wish you were here

Bringing you back to my family situation, it’s FAMILY that draws people together and causes the members to miss each other… Do you think, if I try hard enough and often enough, to create a newsletter FAMILY, you might miss me if I occasionally take a little break to get away from the crowd!!?


Show how you miss ME by searching this beach… I’ll bring you back the gift of Financial Freedom if you Click and Find Me… (I’m holding a blue balloon)!