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New Ways To Earn Money…

If you want to increase your income,

This post is written especially for you!

No matter what your situation, there’s always a solution close by.

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to spot it unless you know someone who can help you pull off the wraps, describe or explain it in simple terms, and give you a gentle shove in the right direction.


You have probably guessed that I’m a bit keen when it comes to problem solving; I was introduced to the subject at an early age in the Royal Air Force when I was responsible for airborne communication systems and the safety of our aircrew, way back in 1960.

Since then I have used the very same techniques for different kinds of problem resolution in business across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Now, during my retirement, I’m applying the same approach to help people (including myself) earn extra income.

Let me create a fictitious character for whom I can help out of a tricky but typical life situation – I’ll call her Marie and I’ll position her as a bubbly person who simply craves the romantic scene of eating out! Sadly, she doesn’t have the money to do it often enough and this is threatening her natural, bubbly personality. She actually knows that if she had an extra £200 – £300 per month, she would be over the moon!


Here’s the solution Marie:


Step 1. Go to the side menu on this website and click on ‘Ad-Click-Xpress’


Step 2. Study the information in the post to get a ‘feel’ for the money-earning system.


Step 3. Click on the actual picture and wait for your life-changing system to appear.


Step 4. Read as much as you can to more easily understand the system on my website.


Step 5. Accept the FREE $10 offered to you while signing up to check out the system.


Step 6. Do as much of the setting-up as you can from the dashboard screen instructions


Step 7. You can earn your £200 – £300 per month, within a month, by simply clicking on THREE websites per day (that’s all) and purchasing some Advertising Packs at $10 each roughly to the tune of your first months earnings. i.e. £270 will buy you about 43 packs, plus the $10 they give you = 44 packs.


Step 8. At 2% per day, you will earn about $9 per day


Step 9. After 5 days you will have $45 and that will enable you to buy 4 more packs


Step 10. Now you will own 44 + 4  = 48 Advertising Packs and your daily earnings will rise to over 10 dollars per day. As you earn more money, you should buy more packs (from within your account earnings) to earn yourself a higher daily rate. Simply repeat the process to grow your earnings. Remember you earn every day and you can withdraw your money every day if that’s what you want to do. Personally, I’d leave it in to keep growing for a few months while you make plans for how to spend it!


Step 11. Within a couple of weeks you should be earning around 12 dollars per day, within a month you will be climbing the ladder of monthly earnings within your target range.


Step 12. You do not need to put any more money into the system from your own pocket, all money will be earned by your account and you simply continue clicking on three adverts per day… not a difficult job, I think you’ll agree!! If you ask me, I think this system was designed especially for you.



** After a few months, Marie, you will be able to eat out as often as you like and wherever you like**

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Tips to Lose Weight

Posted by Harry Wright on November 7, 2012
Posted in Make Money Online 

PLEASE! “I just want Tips (but no tricks) to lose weight”

“Just Honest to goodness information that will work”

By all means MAKE IT INTERESTING but no tricks!

THIS very popular set of tips is hitting the world before Christmas and people are really losing weight by using the techniques suggested.

“OK, Let’s give it a try, Doctor!”

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