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Welcome to ASK Harry

“Welcome to ASK Harry – Solutions For Everyday Income Problems!”


Dear Reader,

This is my serious (but fun) blog where you will find many a true story about everyday income challenges and, more importantly, verified solutions that you can apply to those challenges!

Okay, let me get started… I’m Harry Wright and my contact details are just below. In fact there’s a lot of information out there for you to read, so please relax and enjoy it.

Having been an active member of the Royal Air Force for 23 years in micro-electronics, then a further 20 years or so with big business corporates as an international Leadership & Change Consultant, I am keen to break down barriers and help others realise that great business can be done without wearing a smart suit – also, by not having to worry too much about being politically correct 100% of the time.

With lots of business exposure across the technical/people spectra, I believe the most important aspects of doing business include:

1. Confidence in what you are doing;

2. Trust in the people you are dealing with;

3. General enthusiasm for life and having a bit of fun;

4. Resilience, never give up – even when you are exhausted;

5. Determination for achieving your personal and business goals.

Could that describe YOU?

If so, you’ll enjoy reading below…  


Different people need different forms of help, so let me discover your needs and your specific learning style, so I can really support your development and earning powers…

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Contact Details: email: ccpharrywright@gmail.com   Mobile: 07714 222358