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Posted by Harry Wright on August 23, 2012
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Many people are now looking to find EMPLOYMENT – NOT A JOB!

Some loyal workers are afraid they are going to lose their seasonal job;

Some have just LOST their job, while others HATE their job and would like to get rid of it… but they need an income!

Amidst all this frustration and confusion…

* there is real HOPE


* there is REAL INCOME to be found

Let’s be clear about a couple of definitions:

INCOME does NOT equal a JOB


Some questions arise from this whenever I mention it to some people who have not yet seen the light-bulb flashing

Q: What / where is an opportunity?

Q: What do I have to do?

My reaction to those questions is very straight-forward:

1. Contact me via email: harrywright1@yahoo.co.uk

2. Contact me via Skype: freetalk0411

3. Contact me via mobile: 44 (0) 7714 222 358

4. Follow me … copy and learn to trust someone who has been there and done it

5. Don’t waste your money on tempting offers to get rich quickly

6. I will help you achieve an income (guaranteed) providing you follow me (and that’s very easy).

The world has just been treated to a wonderful Olympic games, hosted by the United Kingdom. Many people have openly said that it made them realise how much effort went into its organization and how well it was managed… made them recognise some great achievements of the past and what could possibly be done in the future.

Reflecting on two major changes in history such as:

1. Agriculture Revolution

2. Industrial Revolution

These revolutions changed the lives of millions across the world but it took vision and an entrepreneurial spirit to get them past the ‘What if’ stage. Recently we have seen the Arab Spring revolution changing the political and cultural traditions across the Middle East – it could so easily spread much further.

There is another revolution about to hit the world… THE EMPLOYMENT REVOLUTION.

We are brought up believing that the best way to live out your life is to become educated and then find employment… get a good job. Nothing wrong with the hard work ethic but there needs to be some refinement around the definition of ‘Good Job’.

A ‘good job’ in my new book says that it enables a person to feel free and to earn as much money as they like. It also says that a good job is one where you can be totally flexible with your hours and operate where you choose. Oh hell, I’m only telling you what I do!!

Yes, I have a great job; I don’t need to find employment because I can do all those things and I can feel good about telling others about it. I feel so good about my employment that I want to actively encourage you to join me… what other job is like that?

So, who employs me?… I do!

Who pays me? … I do!

Where do I get the money from to pay myself?… same as all other organisations… from people who want a product or service, online or offline.

So you create your own organisation?… yes, I get involved from start to finish, setting up a structure to identify prospective customers for a product or service that I have researched for its need by lots of people. Then I communicate to those people, gain their trust and serve them honestly and honourably.

How did you find out how to do all that?... EASY! There are loads of people like me who are very happy and willing to help others find employment, train them, coach them… eventually serving them as customers (that’s why we all help each other). The small business formed in this way can grow to a massive company within a couple of years (look at Facebook, Google etc.)

The founders of these very successful companies didn’t go to work and suddenly become rich… not at al! They did their own thing and formed a company in their own way, creating employment for the founder and all the free-thinking followers who joined him/her.

There’s risk involved, of course. You might never earn a dime, but this is where you need to have faith and guts. You need to keep trying until you succeed at something if you want to appreciate the benefits that can be HUGE!

My suggestion is not to drop everything immediately (your current job, that is), start feeding your interest and make some spare time to dip your toe in the water of self employment while still holding down that day (or night) job. Become aware of something that really interests you… then follow it up.

Ask yourself “What problems are there in life that people desperately want a solution for?” Then consider if you have the tools (eg Internet / Google etc) to find out about a solution or, maybe you can develop one yourself? Perhaps, one day you will help others find employment!!

Don’t flounder; don’t struggle on your own… share your interest with someone else and ask them about your ideas. They will be useful in checking out the likely challenges ahead of you. They might even want to join you… your choice!

If you don’t have any ideas of your own for starting a new business, I can help you with ready tested business systems that produce passive income… that means a little amount of one-time work to produce monthly, ongoing money. These systems only require setting up to be your own business system ( again, I can help you) and usually a relatively small investment. These are systems that have taken many thousands, if not millions of dollars to develop and maintain but you can get started for as little as £100 ($155) or less. They are perfect for someone who hasn’t got much time and who wants to earn a lot of money over, say, two or three years.

Those of us who have been on the scene for a few years have the contacts and skills to find and check out such systems so that we can recommend them to you. What do I get out of telling you all this and helping you get started?… more contacts, more ideas, more traffic to my websites and possibly more customers for other products coming down the line that might suit you… your choice always!

What I really want to see is your positive response to helping yourself; I’d like to hear that you read my article or post and decided to do something about your future. That would give me a lot of pleasure… wouldn’t you be pleased if you thought that someone had followed you and became wealthy as a result? Having the confidence to offer this to you gives me a real buzz so please take me up on the offer to help you get started.

However, being a customer-centric person, I would like to help you even IF you want a proper job! Have you heard of SILP? … this fantastic app will contact a huge network of people on your behalf and actually help you find your dream job!

Contact me and I’ll help you find employment:

1. Contact me via email: harrywright1@yahoo.co.uk

2. Contact me via Skype: freetalk0411

3. Contact me via mobile: 44 (0) 7714 222 358

4. Classic Advice: (well worth watching): http://www.lolly4sure.com/think-rich.html

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Stacking The Shelves of Fortune

Posted by Harry Wright on August 11, 2012
Posted in Make Money Online 

Stacking The Shelves of Fortune is MY way of describing what’s needed to build up a fortune these days.

Some people win the Euro-Lottery, but not many! Others get good at business but work their legs off to be in the right place at the right time for every paying client.

Then there are the rest of us who can only make a fortune by learning how to stack the shelves, so to speak! Basic building blocks are given to us and we normally have to pay to find out how to stack them up.

Today, there are a lot of us online who are more than willing to offer this kind of advice for nothing (no cost)! We are delighted to share good news about how to create your fortune because we feel so good that it has happened to us. Anyhow, we also know that by giving this information away, it will be repaid many times over without having to resort to any form of persuasion or arm-twisting… that’s how relationship business works.

Let’s get down to the bare facts of stacking a few shelves! Let’s discover all about the techniques for learning stuff to do with that often embarrassing subject… MONEY! We all like spending money, don’t we – So let’s accept that we all need to earn it to spend it, yes? YEAH, that’s the most difficult part of the whole process of ‘stacking shelves’ to earn your fortune.

Once we are able to talk about ‘money’ without feeling sick (or blushing), the next subject to understand is that MANY PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO CHANGE. Is that possible for you? Change is something we all have to face at some time in our life… can we bring it forward a little so that you want to learn all about the Whats, Wheres, Whens, Whys, Hows and Whos of earning big money… can we? If we can, (if YOU can) you have stacked another shelf on your way to the top.

Are you starting to see the difference between someone who will be successful in fortune hunting compared with someone who won’t? I hope you can recognise that the main obstacle to achievement in this field is a closed mind. How much effort, time or money does it cost to have an open mind? If you have a genuine open mind, you will learn lots of things that will carry you forward to your fortune – REALLY!

Next, you will need to discover someone like myself who is looking to find you! I spend a lot of time on Facebook and twitter plus other sites, hoping to interest people like you who are needing and wanting to make their fortune. Why do I do this if I’m providing my service without charge – how do I make MY money (even fortune) if you don’t give me any money for my marketing service, my coaching and advice… to say little about the many tips and tricks and ‘ Done for you’  sessions and activities? Well, you will want to follow me when you are successful, so that you can continue to grow your wealth – THAT’s when you pay me for my products and services… not now! This is definitely a win / win scenario.

There’s no risk for you and little risk for me in helping you up to the top. Imagine a real situation where you were literally wanting to put something too heavy for you to lift on the top shelf of your garage or store-room. Imagine if I happened to drive along the road outside your house just at that time and I was displaying a big sign saying “Heavy lifting service – nothing too big or too small… Stop me and ask for help”. What would you do? Hopefully, you would stop me and we would both end up happy. I could help you and show you how to use my heavy lifting knowledge and toolkit. I know that one day you will want to purchase your own toolkit and need some support with more advanced jobs!

Your fortune can be made by you taking action to engage with me… then following through with my support into one of many systems that are designed to make you money without you lifting a finger! I can show you at least four of these systems that are available to you right now. I’m prepared to help you stack your shelves right to the top with money… yes, it’s true that these systems are there and they really work, making people like us a fortune to use in any way we wish… new house, childrens education, holidays galore, cars and the usual lifestyle uplifts. Most people either don’t believe that they exist  or that they don’t work. Some people just can’t believe that there are people around (like myself) who really are keen to help them. Well, seeing is believing… take me at my word, contact me to prove my existence and attitude to helping others.

By all means make contact by writing a comment about this post but if you want to actually speak with me, please call me on 44(0)7714 222 358 or write me an email on harrywright1@yahoo.co.uk

When you contact me direct, I will give you my time and get you started to earn lots of money. I can hold your hand all the way if that’s what you need to get you to the top of life’s slippery pole. This is not an empty promise… call me and you will soon be up there.

In Summary, I’d like to introduce you to a new lifestyle and I want to be in direct contact with you to help in the most appropriate way for you. I not only want to see you Stacking The Shelves of Fortune, I actually want to give you a helping hand to achieve it. Please contact me if you want to make your fortune the easy way


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