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Love or Money

Posted by Harry Wright on April 21, 2012
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Love or Money – A Difficult Choice?

There’s nothing strange about the choices faced by many of us in this world, you either focus on the things you enjoy or on the things you HAVE to do in order to survive. Some of us struggle while trying to be happy and share some good feelings, inwardly growling and groaning about the hardships we face day-to-day. Others know what to do when they show their misery; they get stuck into the hard graft of making a living for the family. Yet another, smaller group of people are able to maintain a balance of working hard to earn HAPPY money… they actually enjoy what they are doing! These are the interesting ones for me because they really love providing a happy and prosperous lifestyle for themselves and their families. For them it’s NOT hard work, love OR money, it’s easy work, love AND money!

So what’s the secret of bringing LOVE and MONEY together? How do these lucky individuals strike it rich in the first place and how do they manage to keep going without coming unstuck?

The truth is quite simple; no need to do deep analysis of workstyles, lifestyles and psychological relationships between bread winners and home-makers. In fact the motivation of earning easy or ‘simple’ money is such that it stimulates more of a loving relationship and support for each other in the family. Perhaps the lack of stress on the part of the earner is carried over to the home-maker. In many cases the two roles are almost as one. The work I am talking about isn’t difficult so the other person has a go at it too and finds it easy. Both parties are then able to relax further and build/maintain the home together. This makes for a sound bond of partners and a happy team.

What is easy money? There is probably no such thing as easy money overall but the part that I’m talking about is the bit that converts the system information into the actual cash to be spent. For every successful project there are thousands that fail and this gives rise to the misconception of there being no such thing as a free meal. Well, believe me there are some that reach the parts that others fail to reach; there are systems that are very successful and I am one of those lucky individuals to discover, operate and benefit from one.

Banners broker Banner 300x250Creating the system and feeding it with all the correct data and controls is usually a nightmare for the developers. Nevertheless, they enjoy building financial cathedrals because they realise the great rewards to come out of their efforts. I think there’s also a bit of proud engineering attached to it too! Well, the system I’m pleased to be associated with is known as Banners Broker, a complex but fantastically effective business formula for earning money from online and offline advertising and publishing. The change from conventional advertising to internet advertising has created a massive opportunity for those who can broker and manage the communications between a multitude of business owners who need it and publishers who have the skills and knowledge (plus the traffic) to promote it. BB holds the ring and the key to successful businesses online while seeking support from people like you and me. Yes, we can help this mighty traffic operator by simply offering our oil for the wheels of their Ad-Pub combinations. I see the involvement of the public as a clever motivational lubricant for Banners Broker business where we purchase some advertising packages to help grow the business, they give us recognition and, as a reward, they afford us a huge return on our involvement. It is NOT an investment scheme in the normal sense of the word but it certainly provides a reward for a financial input that NOBODY can ignore. You receive a complimentary round of traffic to get you started… then you get another one, just to make sure your business is on a sound footing!

Benefits in this opportunity include account management. There’s no shortage of HELP – you don’t have to get involved with the basic business of Advertising and Publishing, just watch your account earnings grow daily from inventory holdings. Another benefit is the relatively short time for the action to take effect, especially in the first two complimentary cycles.

My first experience of this form of ‘work’ was when my mid-level package started growing, part of which had shot up in value within ONE WEEK! The rest completed within another eight weeks. By this time I had not only doubled my initial cost but had actually trippled it. Then came the next doubling cycle! It might be different for other people but there can’t be a better and more enjoyable (and secure) way of increasing your earnings than this… is this called work? I naturally fell in love with this system and it will take a lot to wrench me away from this dizzy form of earning money.

You would expect me to say this… “My family and I love this kind of work!” We are noticably happier now that we have a very good chance of becoming financially free in the next three to five years with a new house and all the trappings. We can take out the money we earn so we can cover all kinds of unforseen living expenses while growing a big pot of gold.

The Love or Money lifestyle changes into a new lifestyle of Love And Money when you get involved with Banners Broker and all the positive emotion it stirs up. Registration is free of course:

Quickest Way To Make Money

Posted by Harry Wright on April 8, 2012
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The quickest way to make money is to find someone who is doing it already and to follow them.

Many of these people are keeping quiet because they don’t want you to know what they are up to but there are a few of us who have the urge to tell everyone in the world about our secret. It’s a legitimate and honest way of earning money… loads of it!

We can’t contain ourselves, we have excitement and lots of money pouring  in every day and simply want to share our happy feelings… wouldn’t YOU?  Personally I know that it will make you feel as if you won the lottery this weekend but there’s more to it than that. It’s what you can do with your wealth that really counts.

If you have children, they need support from you and your poor old bank account! It’s always a struggle and that’s no secret at all. You are no different from me in that you will do ANYTHING to make their life better in some way… well, this is it. I have a way of helping you to make a lot of money to help your children’s future whether it be for clothing, EDUCATION, big birthday treats, a new playroom, whatever they need and want! Basically, whatever you want them to have that you didn’t have when you were their age.

If you don’t have children you can save it for yourself and/or your other loved ones. When it comes to choosing what you can use it for…  THAT’s ALL YOU HAVE TO DO!! Yes, this really is true and you must start to believe me because I can explain it in fine detail (if you want me to). However, let’s not get into the fine detail until you understand the basics of a relatively simple and totally legal way of earning your way to your rightful place in this world – FAST!! Let’s face it, you are probably like me in that you think there must be more to living than just going to work and returning home tired and worn out, not feeling fit enough to enjoy the odd few Pounds, Dollars, Euros or whatever that you have left over at the end of the month – a crazy survival routine we all inherit. That used to include me but I am now free from the frustration and worry and I’m living a life of freedom and SMILES! This is the very best and quickest way to make money I have come across and I have new friends who can verify it – we are all prepared to show you our accounts to prove our earnings. We like to be open and we enjoy sharing our success.

How does it work? Just the same as most successful organizations work… on good planning, good effort and a good niche marketplace to sell the products and services we all need. Yes, it is a conventional business with a revolutionary business model that is being operated across the world in most countries where there is a need for Publishing and Advertising. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS WORK AT ALL but you are an important piece of the puzzle. You simply show your support by purchasing a piece of their action… anything from $25 up to $3,650 (your choice). As a reward for your support, the company pays you TWICE whatever you invest with them and they do it in double quick time… 16 weeks! What a magical business model this company has come up with.

This really works to provide you with all you need yet you do not have to get involved with the running of the business, that’s THEIR business and that’s what they do brilliantly. Hey, did I tell you that THEY do all the selling, telling, grunting or whatever is needed to convert your ad-pack purchase into effective advertising and publishing for online or offline businesses (their customers)? We are ‘sort of’ playing the role of share holders but without owning shares- just the money! That suits me fine, what about you? There you have it in a nut-shell. They can easily afford to pay you double after selling your purchased ad-pack to their customers who happen to be looking for your little goldmine.

Read it again. Read the last two paragraphs again until you understand the background process. Your account will be set up and I can get it managed for you – all the setup and day-to-day clicking for a 10% fee. That’s what I have done for myself so that I can can enjoy a completely hands free income.  So, after your 200% money uplift is already made, that’s 190% to you and 10% to Keith for optimising your product transition into money – all within 16 weeks… guaranteed! I could go into detail about the whole business but that’s what they have a website for; i.e. to communicate anything you want to know more about.

Don’t worry, you can always get your money back out if that’s what you want to do. However, most people simply want to repeat the 16 week cycle to multiply their earnings again and again in a cumulative way. That’s the wonderful thing from my perspective, it enables a large amount of money to be grown in a very short space of time from a modest initial purchase. AND the company gives you a complimentary package identical to the one you purchased at the beginning so that you can continue to invest your earnings if you wish… the choice is ALWAYS  YOURS. Of course you can take it out and spend your money in any way you wish.

My advice… If you have some money that is sitting in your bank earning, say, 2% – TAKE IT OUT!! Use it to grow your future wealth. Why don’t you play with the figures and decide what you want to do? By starting with a figure that you can afford to use (not lose) you will be able to multiply that amount within 16 weeks, three times a year! Wow, think how fast you can earn a large amount of money, this must be the best and the quickest way to make money.

What do I get out of telling you all this? Well, I definitely don’t get money because the  company and it’s system don’t want to resemble a rag-bag Network Marketing outfit. If you decide to join and support this wonderful company with all its innovation  by purchasing one of it’s products, they will give me some complimentary traffic to speed up my returns within my current cycle. So, they will make my account go a bit faster, that’s what I get and I’m very happy to be recognised for spreading the good word in an honourable way.

The quickest way for me to make money was to fill out the registration form (no cost) and browse the website until I understood the basics. Then I bought a pack for $415. Since then I have not looked back, just forward! I watch my earnings grow and grow fast. I am on track to be earning more than I need and more than I could ever imagined just by taking notice of someone (now a friend) who showed me the quickest way to make money.

Here’s the juice: A simple form to help you check out the credentials of the company

If you would like to find out more detail about the company and the opportunity to make yourself a wonderful future, contact me direct on: 44(0)7714222358 or email me on harrywright1@yahoo.co.uk

Wherever you look, you will not find a better way to make an income – everyone who joins actually makes money… you can’t argue with that.Banners broker Banner 300x250


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