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Stand Up and Be Counted

What does “Stand Up and Be Counted” mean to you?

RED ARROWS SevenIt reminds me of my early military days when we did many things by numbers!

Yes, for the achievement of goals with perfect timing, we would call out “ONE” action “TWO” action “THREE”… and so on!

Occasionally, we would be expected to spring up from our chairs at the sound of our family name (WRIGHT) and shout “sir!!”… amazing how brain-washed or disciplined we were. But we certainly got things done.

How many of us can honestly say that we could snap into teamwork-mode, as we did (after a spot of training) in the military, and face up to something as big as e.g. losing a job on one hand or to reach for something ‘impossible’ on the other? Let me tell you,  WE CAN ALL DO IT. 

Hands up, how many of us would like to REACH FOR THE SKY (with a top 5% job income)?

Considering a job online to earn your full-time income can, for some people, seem impossible – “too good to be true” –  like being invited by Her Majesty The Queen to one of her garden-parties at Buckingham Palace?!

HEY, are you prepared for this?

Stand Up and Be Counted for a new challenge in your life:

Please put aside all your previous contradictions, judgements, prejudice or bias… I would like you to jump to it and…

1. When I call out the number “ONE” I want you to shout out the following nameBanners Whatsit

“MOBE”! (OK, The neighbours will think you’ve gone mad)

2. When I call out the number “TWO”, shout out this other name

“MONSOON”! (look out for laughter)

3. When I call out the number “THREE”, shout loudly “Buckingham Palace Lawn”!!

Just as we did in the Air Force, I’m alerting you to the consecutive stages in a process that need to be understood in terms of presence and timing. If you are going to benefit from my experience with online marketing, you will be interested in the name of the process stage:

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When you have activated an account and you are earning good money with it, you will need to have an ongoing strategy for growth and the same for withdrawal of funds. Then you will be considering any risk to your developing fortune. This leads you to the second simple stage: –>>> Spreading Your Risk – Click Here to Preview MONSOON <<<

For a more in-depth interpretation of all this, please go to the following links:

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Alternatively, you could always scratch your head and try to work out for yourself why you were asked to shout out “MOBE” and “MONSOON”??

You could also work out why I called out the simple numbers “ONE”, “TWO” and “THREE”  when we are actually dealing with complex Advertising systems!???

Finally, you could contact me to “ASK HARRY” for a simple explanation…

now there’s a challenge!!

Call Me on the phone

Why not call me on 44(0)771 4222 358 and maybe shout out “MOBE” down the phone- line!! I’ll certainly snap to attention and help you every step of the way to…

a) Understand what this system is all about

b) Start to make a fantastic lifestyle for yourself by earning very good money, as I’m doing!

If you follow me, then you have answered the call to Stand Up and Be Counted !