Homework 2During the past month I have been helping my wife do her college homework. I agreed to help because she finds the technical stuff a bit challenging, particularly when it is all in English – not her first language. I had to keep saying to her “Do Your Homework” over and over again.

I take my hat off to her for learning English in the first place, let alone having to study and do what I can only describe as ‘politically-correct’ homework through research and loads of writing! Subjects range from the law to the intricate detail of how to care for children with Special Educational Needs. It covers Safeguarding and Inclusion, Equality and Discrimination.

My point for this post is one of hard work; if you do your homeworkHomework 3 you will win through in the end. No matter what you tackle, when or where, there is a simple rule to winning…

Get your head down; make a start on the mountain of work ahead of you and just keep going. It really helps if you structure your activities and structure your available time – it’s what we did and it worked! Please notice that today is the 29th of May and we started at the beginning of May with the plan to be free from all homework by the end of the month… yeah, I’m FREE! and so is Anna, my wife; in fact the whole family are free to do what we want.

So, it’s back to my computer for making money, something I enjoy doing BUT, it is not for everyone, I recognise that, just like the subject in the homework I’ve been doing recently. You are possibly in employment and wishing that you could do what I do all day… stay at home! Well, YOU CAN.

Homework 1You can also continue your job and make money from home at the weekends by going on-line (like I do) and making as much money as you like. I can show you how but you will have to Do Your Homework as we all have to if we want to be very successful. This is what you must do…

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Take care and I’ll speak with you soon,