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How To Make A Fortune

Posted by Harry Wright on February 28, 2012
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If you want to know how to make a fortune, take a glance through this website and get to know me . (There’s something for everyone)

You’ll notice I write all my own material,  I come from an engineering and business background

I have a long career in training people how to do things and I am a family man with twelve year old and three year old boys. My life is devoted to providing them with a better than average future. I have studied many things in great depth including how to make a fortune. I thoroughly enjoy teaching / showing people how to master challenges including this one, how to make a fortune.Banners broker Banner 300x250

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My Special Family Friend

Posted by Harry Wright on February 26, 2012
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The chances are that you have a facebook account!

Have you ever sat at the keyboard, poised to write a meaningful message to your friends, only to find that the words won’t come to you? Well, that’s what happened to me this morning… writer’s block!

I simply wanted to say something pleasant to individuals, possibly share my feelings that Spring was in the air, or just to say “Hello”, nothing different from ordinary life, yet a bit special… yeah, something special to read.

After a few false starts, I drafted this… I don’t know what to call it apart from a sincere and bold attempt to recognise my friends as special individuals, how they might be feeling and what they mean to me.

My Special Family Friend

1. This message has been written for someone special!

I have 200 special people in my facebook family;

Only 200 out of more than 800 million others on facebook…

That makes you four times more special than one in a million!


2. As a special member of my family, you’ll never need to cry;

You don’t need to ask for help, for understanding or support;

You have special privilege – anything I can give you –

My time, my interest and my money to see you through the day!


3. When times get tough and the day seems longer than usual,

I’d like you to call me; tell me what is happening in your life.

By sharing your story with me in our family atmosphere,

We will work out what’s best for you, my special family friend.


4. There will be times when you want to share your happiness;

Times to share a secret, a giggle, a story or a smile;

Times when you feel excited about something new in your life –

These are the times to call me and spread your good feelings.


5. Any other reason is a good reason for being in our family.

We don’t need to be right or wrong or smart or strong,

But we do have to remember who we are and who we trust;

Who we like and who we love, and who really cares about us.


6. As a special family friend you can draw on family energy;

You have freedom to live how you wish and wish how you live;

There’s nothing to stop you setting and achieving your goals;

You have the world at your feet and 200 special friends to enjoy.


When I was A Boy

Posted by Harry Wright on February 24, 2012
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When I was a boy!… we had no electricity. All evening the whole family would sit around the kitchen table, dimly lit with an oil lamp, while we would discuss the changing seasons, the weather and repeats of Dad’s stories about the war.

Sometimes I would play the piano accordian for entertainment while our valve radio was warming up and being tuned to Dick Barton, special agent! Nobody would talk during the programme in case we missed some of the action!

Dad’s stories were mainly set in the 1930’s – 1940s so they never started with the classic “When I was A Boy”. We think he didn’t like talking about his childhood for some reason! Nevertheless, he loved telling his yarns to us and, overall, we enjoyed them – especially in that cosy, dimly lit thatched cottage built over 100 years before.

Imagine the whole family of five kids… my youngest brother Malcolm, who was born profoundly deaf, couldn’t appreciate Dad’s stories but my two older brothers were more interested because they were destined to work on the land. My sister Janice and I sometimes ‘tolerated’ the old stories but preferred to escape and play a game of ‘rings’ using some rubber seals from Mum’s bottling jars.

“Owd Dick Evans would never forgive me if he knew I’d told you about his accident with his runaway Shire horses”, said Dad. “After a long day ploughing, Dick was taking his two horses back to the yard when a thunder storm blew up and a bolt of lightning struck his cart. The two shires went off in different directions leaving poor old Dick sprawled out across the yard and calling for his Mam!”  Dad laughed, wheezed and thoroughly enjoyed the thought again of his friend Dick, safe but totally bewildered!  “Oh, you should have seen his face”… “But Dad”, we’d interrupt in unison, “how did you see his face if you weren’t there?” Totally composed, my Dad would continue…”When he told me what happened”, said Dad, “his face was a picture. It felt like I WAS there!”

The tales were quaint and repetitive, partly due to the fact that our Dad had spent the wartime working on the local farm to preserve vital food supplies for the nation; he told of  his role supervising captured German and Italian prisoners of war – soldiers, according to Dad, with marked differences in their work ethics. “One lot were hard working but the others were always looking for a way out.”

Some of the captured soldiers were very skilled and made me some toys out of pieces of scrap metal and wood, I can still remember the detail of my silver bus! This impressed my Dad because his level of technology was set (and remained) at binder-twine. He could fix any gate or piece of farm machinery with a length of that yellow hairy string!

62 years on, my own family consists of two boys aged 12 and 3 plus a grown-up daughter of 47. They would all say that THEIR Dad, like their old Grandad is also a story teller. With strong genetic and environmental moulding, I’m bound to be strongly influenced by my happy childhood and my wonderful parents.

Every night, before my 12 year old goes to bed I have to give him a real-time but fictional running commentary about the main character of ‘Dick Barton, Secret Agent’ with the aim of making him smile before he goes to sleep. My story-telling role has extended to role-play with my 3 year old. He expects me to BE the part of ‘Grufalo’ as well as entertain him with the story line. As for my daughter, a teacher in London, I hope she is generous when (or if) she has a need to tell her friends about her Dad’s silly stories.

Story Telling and Teaching are not too far apart: teaching/training/ mentoring and coaching – they all formed a major part in my three (or is it four) careers do date. Anyway, little can be more important than to find interesting and effective ways of transferring knowledge and experience from one generation to another. I wonder how my children will convey ‘When I was a boy’ to their offspring their early memories of home life? Perhaps they’ll recall these days of fossil-fuel generated electricity for the home before we replace it with GTLR (Geo-Thermal Luminance Radiation) beads embedded in our gardens, property and clothing!


Learning Mandarin

Posted by Harry Wright on February 17, 2012
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Learning Mandarin is becoming more fashionable and interesting as the Chinese Nation takes on a bigger role with significantly greater global influence.

Challenging though it is, learning Mandarin is no more difficult than attempting to understand the current European financial crisis and all its associated politics and frustrations. In the background of all this confusion, China quietly grows bigger and more capable of taking over vital and strategic businesses – all good reasons for studying the mandarin language in all its glory. It seems that I will need to do much more than just ‘parrot’ the words though. I thought the English language  was challenging but Mandarin seems to have the edge … as the old song goes, “it’s not what you say but the way that you say it”!

I’m told by my Chinese wife that I have to get my head around the ‘tones’ of Mandarin as well as the vocabulary and everything else that appears natural for her but is a total nightmare for me! Basically, there are four tones…

1. Straight across —— keeping a level tone as you speak

2. Rising up from low to higher as you pronounce the word

3. Dropping down from higher to lower

4. Yes, you’ve guessed it, dropping down and then rising back up again

In English we might say “one” and mean “won” (or vice-verse) but in Mandarin, depending on how we change TONE as we utter the same sound “”Wan” (it’s not a word, just a sound) we will mean one of many different thoughts or meanings!! For example:

The sound “wan” (with a straight line tone) can mean “peas” or “bend” and a few more!

The same sound “wan” (with a descending high-low tone) can mean “10,000” or “wrist”

The same sound “wan” (with an ascending low-high tone) can mean “finish”, “playing”, “meat-ball” or “naughty”… plus a few more!

Yet again, the same sound “wan” (with a descending tone followed by an ascending tone), this can mean anything from “late” or “bowl” to “linking arms” as women often do to help each other walk down the road (even while they are sober)!

So, who’s up for learning Chinese Mandarin, either for a pure challenge or for business? Maybe as an investment for a future job in China, indeed, anywhere; It seems that the Chinese Government is quite keen to buy up utility and technology companies from the West… and why not if they are prepared to learn English and study western management techniques (a further mystery for sure)!

Recently, I can detect a definite change in the British approach to learning another language, it just so happens to be coincident with a major sun-rise of Eastern influence on the global political and commercial horizons.

I’ve already made some commitment by taking a bright and beautiful Chinese lady for my wife and I’m learning the culture the easy way (who said it’s easy?). Let me say that I have learned as much about my own Western culture as I have about the Chinese culture in the last five years since we were married.

However, three years ago we had a little boy and, as you can imagine, our lives changed away from a focus on self indulgence and communicating to one of child care and his development. I would never have believed at that time he would overtake me in learning Mandarin within three and a half years! The facts are there for me to see and hear… he understands Mandarin and speaks some of it in addition to his thorough grasp of grown-up English!

One thing I do fully understand is that the new generations of young people, spread far and wide from East to West, are open minded and fresh for learning the most complex things in life; I hope they will have the ability and desire to deal with global politics, commercial and territorial greed. I wonder if the ability to speak more languages will create more rounded leaders and decision makers from, say, 2020… that’s when I predict China will take a major hold of global power? Currently, her economy is only second to that of the USA but is rapidly catching up.

That brings me back to the stem reason for learning Mandarin in the first place; in our case it’s mainly to prepare Oliver for the time (hopefully) when he is given the choice of work here in England or Europe or many other countries across the globe where Mandarin will be spoken – even China itself.

By the summer of 2012 (only a few months from now) we also hope to be giving many other people the same opportunity of learning Mandarin via my wife’s mother tongue. Meanwhile, she is learning something equally challenging for her; she is learning how to do good business and teach her Mandarin to thousands, possibly millions of people across the new world. Will YOU be one of them?

How To Buy A Guitar Online

Posted by Harry Wright on February 15, 2012
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How To Buy A Guitar Online – Quick and Easy

This magic selection box below will help you choose a guitar –

just right for your music and your pocket!

How to Win Fortunes and Influence the Tax-man

Posted by Harry Wright on February 8, 2012
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The well-known book “How to win Friends and Influence people” impressed the world and it became the working template for millions who wished to understand the finer points of behaviour while forming personal and business relationships.

My territory of motivational communication is fashioned on the same basic principles; in fact I could not adopt anything beyond the scope of this masterpiece except for its application; turning its messages into guidance for how to win a fortune and Keep the wolf from the door!

Through centuries of human history we have learned how to behave and protect our interests against natural predators; how to take control over animals and humans alike. Indeed, how to persuade and influence anything and anyone to KEEP THE TAX-MAN HAPPY.

In today’s world, as if we become bored with a straight-line graph and crave exponential development, we have to compete against each other when acquiring valuable ‘Skills, Knowledge and Attitude’ (SKA). This impacts more and more thinking people who want to rise above the masses to earn that top 1% of incomes.

Here’s the ‘secret’ – there has to be a secret to buck the normal learning curve and to grab their attention… are YOU one of these? Anyhow, we have to tune in to our ancestors and study how they worked out an instinct for catching a tiger, (a) to stay alive and (b) to show off to the families gathered around the cooking pot! We have to go back before the Internet monster stood on its haunches and roared “In-for-mation!”

You will find this easy if you dig deep and trust your basic feelings; look inwards to your childhood days and remind yourself of your uniqueness… how and why you stood out from the crowd as a little person; compare your vulnerability then with your vulnerability now (for different reasons), you were unaware of what was coming down the learning track before you became drowned in that standard schooling for normal life and NO FORTUNE!!. Today, you are unaware of the challenges ahead of you to make it BIG – you possibly think it’s something to do with just working hard and having the right product… NOPE, it’s not that, it’s not much to do with everything else in the whole world apart from YOU and the difference you can offer and make to the millions of people who crawl out of the big washing tub of life.

Identify your differences and I’ll show you how to win. Work out WHAT you can offer people that is different from what other people are doing; Look at HOW you are able to present yourself and thus create a following… once you have a following, you have a potential fortune. Let me offer you some examples of what I mean:

  • You know that you are special (we all are), you are special in the way you think about detail and you notice the shape of things rather than accept that everything is either square-box shape or round! You also know that you are non-assertive, (always have been) and you don’t like any form of aggression; you also like bright colours.
  • Perhaps you are turned off (or on) by music; you love studying things to find out how they work and how they relate to other people in different ways.
  • Some people like the hype in advertising (unusual person), the loud noises associated with protest and the eccentric behaviour of some Rock artists!
  • Other people are unique in that they only see the side of the under-dog; they support the losing team and have a distinct caring nature for animals and disadvantaged children
  • Yet more people find comfort in reading… everything they enjoy comes from reading about it; combine this with a fanatical drive for using physical energy… like in the game of Rugby or American football.

All the above examples of differences between people are easily found in just one group of, say, 50 people who are able to use the Internet. This small sample will demonstrate the vast degree of difference we can offer to our future FORTUNE ‘BUSINESS’. It doesn’t have to be a conventional business, in fact if you can deliver your message without cloaking it in a business suit, all the better. Learn how to recognise and leverage your differences and you’ll realise how to win a fortune in life.


Now to un-wrap your talent; let’s assume your differences include:

  • A liking for studying people (people watcher),
  • A passion for fancy cakes and…
  • Your favourite colour is mauve.

You have the choice and the distinct advantage of creating a market for yourself in the recipe niche of catering. Perhaps your brand will include mauve signage and you could be creative by showing short video clips of people tasting an array of fancy cakes that you and your business partner have made. You sell recipes, your very own recipes …unique and adventurous, for special people on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries at any time they choose.

You have a website that displays a mouth-watering avalanche of fancy cakes. It suggests the naughty side of eating what you would love to get your hands on. All the attractive pictures and video clips are merely stroked with your quality colour brand and there is an interest in the exclusive nature of your site in the eyes, mouth and heart of every single visitor.

Your target audience is selected from facebook groups, you can decide the full demographics of your visitors simply by pressing a button for any characteristic you wish and you can immediately see how many prospective buyers you will attract to win a fortune… These wonderful statistics will point you towards your fortune if you have the desire to offer these people your DIFFERENCES or unique features. It’s there for the taking!

Whether or not you fit this example please don’t run away and set up your website on fancy cakes before clicking on this LINK Happy Reading

Just take your time, READ, LISTEN and LEARN… be prepared to earn a fortune. That’s enough to influence the tax man!