UK FLAGCongratulations United Kingdom! However, Be Careful What You Wish For.

You voted for leaving the European Union and now WE have to put the process into action. I say WE because, although I didn’t (and 48% of the voting population didn’t) vote in that direction, we have to pull together as a democracy and make it work to the best of our ability.

EU COUNTIESIt will all take time, but during the next two years or so that we struggle to negotiate our way out of the web of legal and commercial entanglement, we need to take stock of what we have decided to accept as much as what we have decided to reject about about the European Union countries plus others.

We have accepted to go it alone, so get out there and fight for more trade deals – don’t delay, get stuck into the challenge right away.Heart flag UK

We have accepted that other members of the EU will not be pleased,so get out there and talk with them – make them feel embraced and loved. We are not here to make things difficult for anyone other than ourselves.

We have also accepted to tackle the migrant problem, this involves many poor people who simply want to have the opportunity to earn money and share a fair lifestyle with us. We must show our compassionate nature and let some into our country on the basis of their needs as well as well as our own. We need to help them make a UK in their own country.

David Cameron GoodbyeAll this is very easily said but how are we going to do this through our government when the most capable Prime Minister for decades has honorably resigned to make way for a new leader who must now pick up the pieces. Thank you Mr Cameron, you are a great example of a fighting British soldier who has been seriously injured in battle defending the country you love – you will be remembered for all your sacrifices.

You will be remembered for your special skills and the warmth you have brought to politics. I trusted you as Prime Minister and often wanted to send you a text to help you out of a tricky situation that you often found yourself within. I hope you find what you are looking for outside the PM offices. However, Be Careful What You Wish For and, if I may be so bold, you should go into advertising where you will earn a fortune negotiating better deals for Britain across the world – starting with this excellent opportunity below:

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