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There are people looking ahead to the Christmas Holidays.

* Partly because of a spiritual significance, fun and happy children.

* Partly because it is a break from the pain of work

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing this year at CHRISTMAS TIME… NEXT YEAR COULD BE BETTER – this is what I mean …


My Niece and her family are looking forward to their holiday time in their newly adopted home country of Australia. She and her husband have both said how much they are waiting for the holidays to begin… partly because of WORK. They are really looking forward to that short period of time when they can feel relaxed, not having to get up early for work.


I want to help them realise the same kind of freedom that I’m experiencing back here in England, although it’s got nothing at all to do with the country, the weather or beautiful scenary… just a matter of learning a simple (very simple) method for investing a small amount of money and taking no more than ten minutes per day to build up a huge fund within, say, 9-months.


This time next year, my Niece and her family in Australia, PLUS people all over the world  could be doing precisely what I did yesterday and what I’ll be doing every day from now onwards…

I took my Mastercard to the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ machine and drew out £200 ($320) in cash.

“So, what’s special about that”, you might ask?

Well, since February 3rd 2012 I have made it MY BUSINESS to find out what is possible in the world of Internet income, I set aside £270 ($415) and prepared myself to monitor my account every day (10-mins).

Nine months later, I started drawing £200 ($320) every single day from the cash machine while still monitoring my account for further growth. At the moment my account is still growing bigger and its rate of growth is accelerating as I expected. This will continue as I continue to withdraw £200 ($320) every day for the rest of my life (hopefully many years).

How can I possibly contain this discovery without wanting to share the good news? I want to tell everyone I meet on Facebook, twitter, in the street, on the train, on the telephone… it’s NOT to brag or boast about the financial security of my family, it’s purely to say how pleased I am to share this opportunity with everyone else.


Please don’t think that this money has NOT been earned. It HAS been earned, but not directly by me! I am fully entitled to this huge amount of cash because You and I have contributed to the earning of it by way of clicking on advertisements across the Internet. Maybe you didn’t actually click on adverts last month but millions of others have. And it is this activity which generates money for the advertising agent I discovered in February. This agent is so pleased with my support for their business that they REWARD ME with a tiny portion of their revenue.

It might be a tiny portion of THEIR revenue but it is a massive boost to my daily income.


Tell me, what could YOU do with an EXTRA £200 ($320) every day?


Before I finish writing this post, I will be walking to the nearest cash machine to draw out today’s £200 ($320) . That’s how reliable this income is; I can be as sure about drawing MY INCOME via THE INTERNET as you are about going to your work and being entitled to draw YOUR money at the end of the month.

So, what do I suggest?

I suggest you ask me HOW to get started because it will not affect your current job and earnings and it will not tax your brain beyond the level of, say, filling out your tax return!!

Yes, we will be giving the tax man his share of this legitimately earned income but he won’t ask you how easy it has been for you to earn it! It will be completely up to you whether or not you decide to continue with your current job (if you aleady have one). Remember, the tax man is just interested in the total level of your earnings.

So, there you have itclick on this link to get you started with me and my support. I’ll get you earning the same as me, if not more, (if that’s what you want) before next Christmas.

People all over the world are able to join in this marvellous employment… but it’s not a JOB, you know. Please join me and my wife and make the world a much happier place at Christmas-time plus all other times during the year. Join Me And My Wife Today


Harry Wright

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My Wife Spends Loads of Money

Posted by Harry Wright on December 1, 2012
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“My Wife Spends Loads Of Money – But I Don’t Mind In The Least!”

As far as I’m concerned…

“She Earns It, So She Is Entitled To Spend It”


She loves the clothes, you know;

She loves the glittering lights;

No more the bore of watching telly

On Frosty Christmas nights.


She’s out there spending lolly,

As fast as she can spend

On Marks & Sparks and other larks

As if there is no end


Yichen is very happy

She uses ALL her brain

To drive up deals in her smart set of wheels

Then glides back home again


There are no limits for my girl

Where shopping is concerned

She knows what’s great on her big plate

And only leaves what’s burned


Shopping, eating, talking, meeting

As happy as can be

My wife who spends a fortune

Is just beautiful to me


She knows just how to make the cash

Her notes, they fill the range

And when she’s helping you and me

She never gives short change


In fact she’s often overboard

She’s generous and funny

When showing you the process bits

O f earning lots of money


My wife will show you what to do >>>>>> click the screen >>>

Just ask her for top tips

She’s bound to help you all way through

With clickity-click-click-clicks!


Profit Clicking is her sport

Makes money in her sleep

She makes 100 in her stride

!0,000 with a leap


Rest assured she’s on the ball

And wealthy in the end

She makes enough to cover costs

With plenty left to spend


My wife has money magic

A trick or two in hand

She caters for the party

And pays for all the band.


So, let’s look back and count the cost –

There is no cost at all

My wife will earn you trees of cash

From seeds to oak trees tall


Just click on one small dollar >>>>>>> that one over there >>>>

And read her website through

Pick up the phone and work from home

To earn your lifestyle – NEW!!


OK, My Wife spends loads of money… Now You Can Too!!

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