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Please Help Me

Posted by Harry Wright on June 30, 2012
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Please Help Me During This Disaster

“Please Help Me” is a plea from the heart within many people who are struggling to make ends meet. This financially crippled world has caused us to look at our existing lifestyle and question what went wrong.

HELP is the keyword and this is what we can do for each other… yes, it’s survival time!!

Here’s my contribution for today…

1. Go out and find someone who really deserves a helping hand

2. Tell them that you know of a person who can help them, all they have to do is ASK HARRY how they can make a lot of money for every day life from a Sunflower!!

3. “Please Help Me” takes on a whole new meaning to both lives, yours and theirs!


Potty Training For The Rich And Famous

Posted by Harry Wright on June 3, 2012
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Potty Training for the rich and famous is a concept to encourage poorer folk to develop beyond their current level of relative poverty. If the rich and famous need potty training, there’s hope for us!

Being born into wealth is no more of a choice than being born into poverty. For this reason I consider it necessary to help the rich and famous understand their assets and liabilities just as much as I believe those without a dime need to see a dime, feel a dime and know what to do with it. The subliminal messages flashed out by parents, however, are more helpful for the rich child to understand and get used to what money can do for them compared with the pictures for the poor child who might see more grafting and sweating than sun, sea and sand.

Education and training is the answer to many things in life and this is no exception. There is a need to educate or train people with money, albeit in a different way, or with different emphasis, than the education and training needed for those without that initial dime in their pocket. To be shown what to do, why and how to grow your assets is a powerful offering because it gives you choice in later life, something everyone wants and needs.

Potty training for the rich and famous is a necessary part of development, something to elevate the uninitiated into a higher level of civilised living… my little boy is going through it right now, where do you think I got the idea from? This parallel analogy helps me to relate the complexities of human relationships when trying to introduce a change in financial thinking, behaviour or attitude. Unsurprisingly, I’m finding that the breakthrough is more likely to happen with the student being helped to extend an existing habit rather than to take on a completely new regime. Getting back to basics, my little boy thinks he is being forced to accept a completely new way of living (without nappies)! This is what I want to avoid when introducing people to their new life of managing and optimising the growth of their assets… it’s not difficult to help people make a huge breakthrough if I manage to get them on side first.

The rich get richer and … in my business line, the poor get richer too! That’s my aim and that’s what I achieve when I approach the subject with appropriate care and sensitivity. Sounds easy but it is a skill that can be learned, based on EQ or a level of Emotional Intelligence (as in IQ). I haven’t used the word ‘trust’ up to this point but that’s what all this is leading to. To gain the trust of somebody in you, especially when you are trying to help them, you need to get past their defences; try offering a stranger a £50 note and you will not find it easy!

My job is to offer people, rich or poor, an opportunity in Banners Broker to double their money in a few weeks! Can you imaging what reactions I get? Well, I have to start the potty-training immediately I notice a frown or sign of confusion on their faces. Rarely do I find people who will accept what I offer at face value, they all need one level or another of re-assurance before they will trust what I’m saying. Many need more sessions to understand why I’m wanting to help them. Then, just like my little boy, they need to be left on their own for a while before a breakthrough occurs, followed by a mixture of feelings from relief and elation to continued hesitation and disbelief… but it’s a wonderful feeling for me to have trained someone, adding something extra to a much bigger potty of gold!

Get Rid Of My Belly Fat

Posted by Harry Wright on June 2, 2012
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To get rid of my belly fat I have to ask myself a few important questions:

1. Have I looked in the mirror recently?YES!

2. Did I notice a lot of unnecessary belly fat?YES!

3. Am I really determined to get rid of my belly fat?YES, I REALLY AM!

OK, without any further challenges, let’s go for the best solution.
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Why not get back into the right shape by making a special effort …

Think of how you will feel and what other people will think (and say) when they definitely notice your changed shape after just a couple of weeks?

Diets, Guidance, Will-power. Which approach suits you? The most important thing about trying to lose weight is the measurement of your “AS-IS”…  that’s your current weight and size. Everthing after that is belief and action.

So, how do I get rid of my belly fat? … simply get started
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Then,. after a bit of effort on your part (nothing in life is easy) you will be able to run a mile, jump a style, become a celebrity or anything you want to do… including to make your fortune! Well, you’ll certainly be able to do a lot more and feel more confident than if you had done nothing about that belly fat!

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