TRUMP 3Perhaps you agree with Trump’s approach to life – Perhaps you don’t!?

Whatever your view, you might want to address the question…
“What Is Good About Donald Trump?”


Occasionally, it’s vital to have a shake-up in whatever we do, if only to prove that what we are doing is perfect – but what’s the chance of that?

More often than not we have to CHANGE SOMETHING in our daily routine because we simply have become lazy and, if we continue, we will be wasting a lot of time and money!

Aaah, that word (MONEY) has popped up and we are talking about Mr. Trump who just happens to be a Billionaire!!


Could it be that we think “HIS MONEY” is the good thing about Donald Trump? If so, should we not look a little deeper to find out if he has earned it honestly, or should we assume that he has come across all that money by pure luck or indeed by manipulation!



Oh dear, what a dilemma! We need to choose between thinking ill of him or thinking that he might just be a good example, a beacon of light shining into the darkness of what we often refer to as ‘The Rat Race’ of life.


You don’t have to copy the Billionaire but you might benefit enormously by studying a few tactics of his when you next have to make a financial decision. I’m sure he would tell you… “It all boils down to RISK MANAGEMENT and knowing yourself…”

Golden rules:

  • Know your limits and stick to them e.g Invest no more than 15% of your asset.

  • Keep on investing and get better at it, DAILY!TRUMP 1

  • Spread your risks across different opportunities.

  • Adopt a mentor and be humble in your learning.

  • Keep your eyes wide open for opportunities. DAILY!


If you choose to follow Donald Trump on Twitter and in his business activities, try to be proud of him and his results, you will be following more than just his external image, you will be hooking up to ‘What Is Good About Donald Trump?’


Just for the day, I will pretend to be Donald Trump!

Here is what I’ve been up to today – check out my routine:

  • Woke up at 6am and immediately checked my overnight account:

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  • Made a simple plan for achieving something new TODAYTRUMP 2

  • Started on my plan and I will not be distracted by more than 15%

  • Kept my focus on the day’s plan while playing golf!

  • Stood up while eating and making decisions… (never be caught sitting down)!

  • I will check my accounts before I go to bed at around 11pm.

  • P.S. I don’t waste time dreaming unless it is about making a lot more money!