Smiley PigMy Little boy (7) loves all the ‘Angry Bird’ games, videos and books – they make a huge contribution to the total world sales revenue from children’s toys.


My boy is oblivious to the cost of each game unless we make a special effort to inform him, even then it goes right over his head, as they say! The cost of the games to us is at least THREE TIMES the cost of production! So, the money we actually pay, where is it going?


I call this a high ticket business, no different from a standard business model except the cost to me as a customer is high. The effort to sell is just the same as if they were selling paper clips. The cost to the business owner is little different no matter what he/she is selling.


So, what is the mystery? Why do we have the choice of High Ticket or Low Ticket business models? It’s a bit like the Angry Birds vs Opportunistic Pigs! They are fighting it out against the backdrop of poor customers and astoundingly wealthy business owners – but using Catapults and Castles respectively!


My message to you, however, is not to sympathise with the customers but to join the big fat pigs, slurping up the money with a ready-made, high ticket business. Yes, if you can’t beat them, join them!


Here’s an insight into the magical world of high ticket business where you are the celebrated owner of your own show, doing nothing to earn your fortune other than post the occasional advert in a prominent place on the internet… you even get shown where (and how to do it)!


OMG, how easy can life become when you sign up for such a great deal at the start of 2016?


Don’t let it worry you that all the customers you are handed on a silver platter will have to confront the same dilemma of not understanding how it works, they will be encouraged to sign up in the same way to avail themselves of the very same benefits – like THOUSANDS of Dollars being paid into their pockets, if they open their ‘Bird-Brains’ to this High Ticket business world.


Angry BirdReally, there is no catch, no trickery nor anything illegal, it’s simply a fact that it takes no more to sell an inexpensive product than it does to sell a high ticket one. You are joining a company that works just like that… you learn how to operate the business by attending a 21-day training course before being handed the keys to the VAULT for a fair price considering you are, from that point onwards, going to reap sales revenue of $1,250, $3,300 and $5,500 per sale. Now these sales nuggets will drop out of the sky (someone else does the selling) at a very fast rate if you bother to get up in the morning and post a few ads every day… you are even given the banner ads, the marketing guidelines and everything you could possibly need to grab the attention of hungry business seekers – what else could you ask for!!


Are you going to be an angry old bird for the rest of your life, shooting your catapult towards slightly overweight punters, or will you accept the fond image of a lazy little porker in exchange for a life of excess in the money stakes with a castle to show off and a bank balance to be proud of?

Many prospective millionaire porkers are making their way towards the gate of freedom from where they can smell the high ticket business being poured into their troughs.Clever boyDon’t miss out on the chance to see your picture filling the local newspaper under the title – “Local Hero Slays Birds with High Ticket Strategy”  – everyone loves a winner!

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