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Top Earners In The World

Posted by Harry Wright on November 18, 2016
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Juha Parhiala is heading up the Top Earners In The World for networking Companies. He  currently earns $4million per month through One-Coin, the dominant rising star of crypto-currencies.


One-Coin, a much- improved descendant of Bit-coin technology, is surging  towards global dominance and possible acceptance as the world’s reserve currency within a few years. It will serve many millions of ordinary people, including the current two billion bankless folk, with a transparent and very cheap way of carrying out highly secure transactions, such as sending money home to families abroad.

As well as helping you make a fortune from its growth as a new digital currency, One-Coin represents the very best way of of operating our currency system of the future. It digitally embeds the personal details of every individual making a transaction, so fraud is not possible and every transaction is much more secure with its Blockchain technology.


This is what to do to…

Watch the videos above at least twice, then register for FREE an account so that you can understand how the system works. Read everything in the menus (including the FAQ’s).

Ask me lots of questions and listen to people who know what they are talking about.

Understand the fact that you will at least DOUBLE your initial purchase within a month

Understand also that you should treat your involvement as a medium to long-term event and you should not expect to take out your money for a year or more… so that it has a chance to grow substantially and provide you with a handsome return, even a fortune!

Two Ways To Make Money Today

Posted by Harry Wright on November 13, 2016
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TRUMP for PresidentThere are more than Two Ways To Make Money Today but the easiest and quickest ways are shown below…

You will still have more than 90% of your valuable time left to do other things, in fact you could use your time for making more money or relaxing with your family and friends.


Why not tell your friends about these methods of making money… they might want to join in the fun and earn some money for themselves, indeed we could start a revolution or run for President.


You will also discover that by telling others about your success in making money without any effort, they will be inclined to pass it on. This ‘snow-ball’ effect can earn you even MORE money through affiliate or referral sales.


SALES!! you haven’t had to lift a finger and your influence has spread like a rash, purely because you were able to offer something that is really needed. Isn’t this what BREXIT and the recent USA election created?


There’s NO SECRET attached to these facts of modern life… Times have changed and there are more opportunities around compared with the times before the Internet and the Wright Brothers.

Use the simple tools of the Internet, including your own Home Computer… They really work!

Start with these Two Ways To Make Money Today

click here for the first method    Plus   video explaing how it works 


click here for the second method

Spanish Onion Property Bears Fruit

Posted by Harry Wright on November 6, 2016
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0c938ffd7970b8741f4363c22d7f5fb1c72998aa914c3f1056pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrSpanish Property is still bearing fruit for Developers, Investors and agents alike;

Just like the onion with its layers, the Spanish version is bigger, more popular

onionand fruitier than most as it yields even more annual growth, satisfying those British ex-patriots, proudly optimistic about a positive BREXIT outcome.

Nothing will get in the way of successful couples wanting to buy a place in the sun; nothing makes more sense than to invest in property, especially where the cost of living is easy and your lifestyle impressively high.

Some cautious Brexiteers are holding back but the wiser, British Bull-dogs are grabbing the best locations, the best prices and early emersion in the property boom for luxury villas… they know Spanish Onion Property Bears Fruit! Yes, they know their onions alright!

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Link To Properties In The Sun

Posted by Harry Wright on October 30, 2016
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Click This Link  For Properties In The Sun

and Bathe in The Lifestyle You Deserve”

luxury-villa-copy   Why work all your life and not make time to enjoy it?

 You can enjoy what you deserve by clicking on the link above and

browsing through this e-Book of beauiful dream properties in Spain.

     7e801d7946dc7d12bcbd27fece19a6f9e7b874b58c4d880aedpimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr      Call 01172 – 050279

Our Finest Hour

Posted by Harry Wright on September 15, 2016
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Right was Might, Victory was Assured…

It was Our Finest Hour in History!



Inspiring Generations Around The Globe

Posted by Harry Wright on September 8, 2016
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gold-medalOne-coin is Inspiring Generations Around The Globe with its ability to transcend the standards of Banks and Financial Institutions, enabling a much more open, secure and effective service.

Technology is blasting its way to provide a fascinating blend of transparency and security, with wealth and prosperity for all.

Enjoy One-Life with One-coin… feel proud of who you are…

A ‘crypto’, One-coin Miner – Inspiring Generations Around The Globe!

These two guys are Switching Languages Accents And Personalities Into Wealth.

Clearly, they enjoy what they are able to do and they are respected for it wherever they go in the world.  Are you able to achieve this in YOUR life-time… would you like to be wealthy too?

It’s far easier (in my opinion) to become wealthy than to learn languages, but you could have both if you really want it. Yes, I could show you how to become wealthy and they could show you how to speak languages… it’s only a matter of:

1. INTEREST in becoming wealthy (not just rich)

2. Trust in your COACH to demonstrate proof

3. Belief in YOURSELF to achieve great things!


Crypto Currencies Takeover

Posted by Harry Wright on August 16, 2016
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Marketing 1“Crypto Currencies Takeover the world Reserve Money system”


Position yourself for the new system of wealth creation;

He (or she) who hesitates is lost, along with a lot of their fortune!

free-account-2              get-more-info-2

Can You Imagine Your Lifestyle…. After Investing In One-Coin?



Virgin and Top 4 Percent Are On-Track to Become the Worlds Most Innovative Business Players.


They have broken through the glass ceiling of Global Expectations

Helping their customers experience something new and original.

New Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation

Top 4% are the new boys on the block with their founder

And active champion Vick Strizhous.

Vick energetically demonstrates how his highly motivated

Followers can and will dominate the online business world through creative collaboration with other top brands and products.

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Author: Harry Wright

About me /Contact Details:


http://harry-wright.com<<recently updated




Harry Wright FIIE   MCIPD  Business Leadership

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Vick Strizhous For President

Posted by Harry Wright on August 1, 2016
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“If I could influence the results of the USA election,

I would have Vick Strizhous For President!”



TRUMP 3Vick Strizhous as PresidentHilary Clinton as President

“Click the pic above to choose your leader!”



WHY Vick?   Well, he has all the important skills and

personal attributes to influence people and…

Importantly, to get things done;

(not sure about the other candidates)!


  1. He and his business are totally ethical

  2. He cares for others and leads by example

  3. Is a fun person (you need that when the going gets tough)

  4. He has vision beyond the horizon

  5. His every effort and intention is honourable and transparent

  6. Results driven, you feel that you have to follow him.


Here is Vick (link below)demonstrating what he can do for people

All over the world in exchange for nothing more than an open mind

And a little daily effort…

           >>> Click for Vick and share his vision for the world >>>




The other day, a colleague of mine wanted to know How To Make Money With An Autoresponder.

This is what I did to help him:

I said, “Keep away from adverts (like the video above) claiming to make money at the press of a button, (totally Automated) they are usually rubbish!”

“However, ‘Auto-Responders’ are another matter… there is a BIG DIFFERENCE!”

“Come Here, I’ll Show You What I Mean”…


Click Here To See What I Showed Him!    


As you can see there’s definitely lots of money to be made with this and the process is quite straight forward.

All I would say to you is this, if you think it is an interesting project, focus on one thing at a time, it can get a bit
hectic if you get side-tracked onto lots of other things.


However, be prepared, you could easily be living a new lifestyle after completing this little number below…

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Money from Computerdeck

  IF YOU WANT SOME OF THIS….. do this…..ONE COIN Calculator

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Book a 30 min Q&A appointment with me  HERE to find out how YOU can

earn this fabulous income 

author:  Harry Wright

email: harrywright43@gmail.com

mobile: +447714222358

Website: http://www.wrightontrack.com


Harry Wright FIIE   MCIPD  Business Leadership

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chickens 2Anything goes!… Fashions, Fads and Fancies –

I would NEVER have thought that I would be encouraging my members

How to Build a Chicken Coop and Save Money?

But here we are, so let’s find out WHY?


chickens 1Click Here to discover what it’s all about

Help yourself to the idea and good luck with the project,

plus all those lovely brown eggs for breakfast, all year round!

The effort is minimal and, frankly, the cost is… chicken-feed!


Very worthwhile and enjoyable thing to do:

  • Fun activity following simple ‘building’ instructions /li>
  • See the results of your DIY prowess
  • Think of the baby chicks and their new home
  • Watch them growing up and give them names
  • Celebrate the first eggs with a slap-up breakfast
  • Learn much more about nature, first-hand.



day old chicks


Harry Wright

mobile: 07714 222 358

email: harywright43@gmail.com


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Harry Wright FIIE   MCIPD  Business Leadership

Enabling Business Owners to Innovate and Grow


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Simple Money System

Posted by Harry Wright on July 12, 2016
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If you could find a Simple Money System

And Earn On Autopilot –  Would you do it?

If it was EASY, would that make a difference too?

In other words…


Of course we all need to make extra money and we all want it simple and EASY to achieve –

But where do you find such a gift from heaven; Do you Pray for it?

Do you buy a lottery ticket every week?

Do you mix with millionaires or do you do all of these things?Look and feel better 1

ACTUALLY, there’s no need for all this fuss and guesswork, all you need to do is…

Click on the orange banner above and follow the simple instructions to be absolutely sure of hitting your dreams EVERY MONTH.

>>> Alternatively, you could click on this link and slide into a brand new lifestyle without the neighbours knowing what’s going on next door! <<<

Brexit 240 years on

Posted by Harry Wright on July 5, 2016
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Can You Imagine, Brexit 240 years on?

Hopefully, The British Public Will Be Better Informed…


What do you think – a job For The BBC perhaps?

I Am a Millionaire

Posted by Harry Wright on July 3, 2016
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“Believe it or Not, I Am a Millionaire!”

Michael Crawford tells a good story, and for him to be successful you have to believe him.

Watch his video and then decide if you would like to follow him to the success he talks about.



Well, did you believe EVERYTHING he said?

Did you believe most of what he said?

Did you believe enough to follow him-

Enough to part with $250 (£189) initially?

Is It Worth The Risk to Make A Huge Amount of Money??TRUST 6



Take a closer look under the hood or bonnet…

Is there an engine?

If so, is it genuine or is it a fake or worn out?

A second-hand car sales person (also called Magic Michael) will at least tell you to have a test drive before you buy.

You should do the same with Michael Crawford’s magical world of trading… but you have to lay out $250 of your own money for the privilege… “DON’T RISK IT”  is my advice because I have been there before and LOST MY MONEY.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Posted by Harry Wright on June 24, 2016
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UK FLAGCongratulations United Kingdom! However, Be Careful What You Wish For.

You voted for leaving the European Union and now WE have to put the process into action. I say WE because, although I didn’t (and 48% of the voting population didn’t) vote in that direction, we have to pull together as a democracy and make it work to the best of our ability.

EU COUNTIESIt will all take time, but during the next two years or so that we struggle to negotiate our way out of the web of legal and commercial entanglement, we need to take stock of what we have decided to accept as much as what we have decided to reject about about the European Union countries plus others.

We have accepted to go it alone, so get out there and fight for more trade deals – don’t delay, get stuck into the challenge right away.Heart flag UK

We have accepted that other members of the EU will not be pleased,so get out there and talk with them – make them feel embraced and loved. We are not here to make things difficult for anyone other than ourselves.

We have also accepted to tackle the migrant problem, this involves many poor people who simply want to have the opportunity to earn money and share a fair lifestyle with us. We must show our compassionate nature and let some into our country on the basis of their needs as well as well as our own. We need to help them make a UK in their own country.

David Cameron GoodbyeAll this is very easily said but how are we going to do this through our government when the most capable Prime Minister for decades has honorably resigned to make way for a new leader who must now pick up the pieces. Thank you Mr Cameron, you are a great example of a fighting British soldier who has been seriously injured in battle defending the country you love – you will be remembered for all your sacrifices.

You will be remembered for your special skills and the warmth you have brought to politics. I trusted you as Prime Minister and often wanted to send you a text to help you out of a tricky situation that you often found yourself within. I hope you find what you are looking for outside the PM offices. However, Be Careful What You Wish For and, if I may be so bold, you should go into advertising where you will earn a fortune negotiating better deals for Britain across the world – starting with this excellent opportunity below:

<<<Click Here to send a message to the world and earn a fortune for yourself>>> 

Do Your Homework

Posted by Harry Wright on May 29, 2016
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Homework 2During the past month I have been helping my wife do her college homework. I agreed to help because she finds the technical stuff a bit challenging, particularly when it is all in English – not her first language. I had to keep saying to her “Do Your Homework” over and over again.

I take my hat off to her for learning English in the first place, let alone having to study and do what I can only describe as ‘politically-correct’ homework through research and loads of writing! Subjects range from the law to the intricate detail of how to care for children with Special Educational Needs. It covers Safeguarding and Inclusion, Equality and Discrimination.

My point for this post is one of hard work; if you do your homeworkHomework 3 you will win through in the end. No matter what you tackle, when or where, there is a simple rule to winning…

Get your head down; make a start on the mountain of work ahead of you and just keep going. It really helps if you structure your activities and structure your available time – it’s what we did and it worked! Please notice that today is the 29th of May and we started at the beginning of May with the plan to be free from all homework by the end of the month… yeah, I’m FREE! and so is Anna, my wife; in fact the whole family are free to do what we want.

So, it’s back to my computer for making money, something I enjoy doing BUT, it is not for everyone, I recognise that, just like the subject in the homework I’ve been doing recently. You are possibly in employment and wishing that you could do what I do all day… stay at home! Well, YOU CAN.

Homework 1You can also continue your job and make money from home at the weekends by going on-line (like I do) and making as much money as you like. I can show you how but you will have to Do Your Homework as we all have to if we want to be very successful. This is what you must do…

>> Go To This Website and READ THE DETAIL >>>

I will help you from there…

Take care and I’ll speak with you soon,




What Is Good About Donald Trump?

Posted by Harry Wright on April 19, 2016
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TRUMP 3Perhaps you agree with Trump’s approach to life – Perhaps you don’t!?

Whatever your view, you might want to address the question…
“What Is Good About Donald Trump?”


Occasionally, it’s vital to have a shake-up in whatever we do, if only to prove that what we are doing is perfect – but what’s the chance of that?

More often than not we have to CHANGE SOMETHING in our daily routine because we simply have become lazy and, if we continue, we will be wasting a lot of time and money!

Aaah, that word (MONEY) has popped up and we are talking about Mr. Trump who just happens to be a Billionaire!!


Could it be that we think “HIS MONEY” is the good thing about Donald Trump? If so, should we not look a little deeper to find out if he has earned it honestly, or should we assume that he has come across all that money by pure luck or indeed by manipulation!



Oh dear, what a dilemma! We need to choose between thinking ill of him or thinking that he might just be a good example, a beacon of light shining into the darkness of what we often refer to as ‘The Rat Race’ of life.


You don’t have to copy the Billionaire but you might benefit enormously by studying a few tactics of his when you next have to make a financial decision. I’m sure he would tell you… “It all boils down to RISK MANAGEMENT and knowing yourself…”

Golden rules:

  • Know your limits and stick to them e.g Invest no more than 15% of your asset.

  • Keep on investing and get better at it, DAILY!TRUMP 1

  • Spread your risks across different opportunities.

  • Adopt a mentor and be humble in your learning.

  • Keep your eyes wide open for opportunities. DAILY!


If you choose to follow Donald Trump on Twitter and in his business activities, try to be proud of him and his results, you will be following more than just his external image, you will be hooking up to ‘What Is Good About Donald Trump?’


Just for the day, I will pretend to be Donald Trump!

Here is what I’ve been up to today – check out my routine:

  • Woke up at 6am and immediately checked my overnight account:

  • >>> Click here to check MY OVERNIGHT INCOME <<<

  • Made a simple plan for achieving something new TODAYTRUMP 2

  • Started on my plan and I will not be distracted by more than 15%

  • Kept my focus on the day’s plan while playing golf!

  • Stood up while eating and making decisions… (never be caught sitting down)!

  • I will check my accounts before I go to bed at around 11pm.

  • P.S. I don’t waste time dreaming unless it is about making a lot more money!




The Money Is In The List

Posted by Harry Wright on March 13, 2016
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Here’s the LIST:

It’s called CASH-COW for a very good reason!!

(Remember, The Money Is In The List)…

This is the mother of all lists, the one that starts you off working on- line from home; the list that nurtures your business progress and helps you grow the strong bones of wealth – this is mother’s milk to your success!

(CLICK each LINK below To Find Your Favourite)…


1.  45-Min PAYDAYS  – This is Fantastic! YES High Ticket                                                      

2. SENIORS  –  Wise move! Learn and earn money today 

3. DAILY CASH  – My favourite, pays out every 20 mins                              

4. OPPORTUNITY  – Right Under Your Nose, Shocking!

5. MORE DAILY CASH  – Do you need another income?

6. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT  – You Become a Leader. 

7. SKILLS KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDE – Develop influence 



Sell Your Wages

Posted by Harry Wright on February 5, 2016
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41st EntryAs a raw recruit in the Royal Air Force way back in 1960, I enjoyed the companionship of 17 other young airmen in our wooden-hut dormitory. We used to sit on the end of our beds, warmed by a solid fuel burner in the middle of the room, and chat about anything that came to mind… e.g. How to Sell Your Wages – what a great atmosphere on a cold winter’s night after working hard on the parade ground or out on the Tors of Dartmoor from dawn to dusk! We shared the small amount of free time we had, building team spirit and getting our kit up to standard for the next day.

What did we talk about? All the usual stuff that interests young 16-17 year old lads… funny situations, music, the daily events such as how we all got into trouble for not forming a straight line on parade; how we also met the wrath of corporal Henderson for talking in the ranks! Sometimes we would try to work out ways to make easy money to subsidise the meagre earnings we would get from the RAF.

Our ‘wages’ started off at 15 shillings per week (75 pence in today’s money)! It doesn’t soundHenderson much, and indeed it wasn’t a lot to be shouted at for those who had been used to having a paper round before they ‘joined up’. However for one or two of us it represented a valuable income to manage as we bought toothpaste and the occasional bar of chocolate… remember, food and everything else was provided! OK I didn’t smoke (or drink) as many of the others did. I had plenty of money left over at the end of the week and that made me a sitting-duck, target for a loan!

So there we are, chatting away and the subject of ‘money’ crops up. “How can we get more money without Corporal Henderson finding out?” “What about raffling my wages”, hissed Harper. “If Henderson finds out he’ll go berserk”, said another. “How does it work?”, said I.

We all gathered around Harper who had clearly done this sort of thing before up in Carlisle where, we all knew, lots of things went on! He spoke in a sort of guarded way as he explained the detailed process.

“When I get paid on Friday, everybody can buy a ticket for the chance of winning all 15 shillings, leaving me with nothing except the ticket money, Tickets cost three bob each, he said. But I can only do it for that price if all 17 of you chip in – what d’ya think”.   Some were keen but not enough to get us into the top league of ‘gambling’, for that’s what it was according to Corporal Henderson, who somehow found out what was going on and immediately stamped it out. Those were the days!

At workStrikes me that those innocent times were harshly patrolled by the authorities of the day; or was it our fear of getting caught, the card that corporal Henderson played so well, that kept us young lads on the straight and narrow? I wonder if Harper managed to influence anyone else to flog their wages after we were posted from RAF Cosford in 1962?

It’s taken me 54 years to make up my mind to have a go in the form of a business idea. Anyway, the laws of this country allow gambling now and, in any case, corporal Henderson would be over 100 years old and unable to burst into the room and bellow…


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